Remember what I said this morning about the Internet sometimes containing beautiful gems among the garbage? That goes for this as well. (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. Mom I’ve joined the failarmy, we try to fight fail fight insurgents while maintaining a status of epic win

    • #NoBloodForLoL

    • Ma, I may not be able to respond to all your messages but if you absolutely need me and it is an emergency; I’m in the computer room.

    • Dearest Martha,

      The days are long and hot in the hashtag failarmy. There have been over three dozen motorcross accidents this week, and I fear that I will soon become desensitized to the horror. Our rations of Doritos Sweet Chili are running low. I long for your embrace.

      Yours forever,


  2. I like the two reactions shared by the camera people: Either hysterical laughter or a sharp intake of breath and sound of concern. Oddly, there is little correlation between the reaction and the perceived severity of injury.

  3. Another trampoline accident, another dollar.

  4. The guy that broke his teeth, I mean, you really can’t blame that on the trampoline. That’s just the consequences of the being British and stupid.

  5. I gotta admit, when the guy at 3:39 stood there, a basketball hoop in the background, a basketball between his feet, and knowing that I was watching “trampoline fails” I was positively giddy with anticipation. To say the result was a disappointment is an understatement.

  6. Trampolines are the surest springboard to Videogum fame.

  7. Also, I feel like the amount of times the words “Are you OK?!” were spoken in this video is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TIMES.

  8. Those nets everyone seems to have around their trampolines don’t really seem to lower the risk of falling off, but the poles they’re attached to greatly increase the likelihood of taint impalement.

  9. My mom banned us from trampolines and the one time I snuck on my friends my other friend broke his foot. Then another time I was drunk and my ring got caught in the netting as I was trying to get out. So we all should have just listened to my mother.

  10. Someone needs to make an anthology of these compilations every month.

  11. Ah, the classics! I may have come here for the WOMAT, but I stay for the trampoline accidents.

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