“Trailer, trailer, trailer, ooooh, like trailer, trailer, trailer, oooooh, like trailer, trailer, trailer, ooooh, I thought you’d always be mine.” – Gabe Delahaye. (Feat. Justin Bieber.) We have a couple for you today including a The Hangover for olds, so let’s get to them! WHILE WE’RE STILL YOUNGISH!

As I Lay Dying

Hahahahaaaaaa. James Franco is really living the dream of every guy who couldn’t decide whether to major in English or Film or not go to college and just create shitty art in a loft somewhere. But that isn’t to say that this doesn’t look fine. I think it does-ish! Tim Blake Nelson! Danny McBride! William Faulkner! AMERICA’S DIRECTOR, JAMES FRANCO! Chances are it won’t be good, but I don’t think it doesn’t NOT have a chance. Right?

Fruitvale Station

Michael B Jordan! Yes.

About Time

“What if you could relive every moment until it was perfect?” UH, I KNOW WHAT IF, AND IT’S CALLED GROUNDHOG DAY, AND IT WAS PERFECT THE FIRST TIME! (JK kind of.) (I get that they are different.) (This one doesn’t have Bill Murray in it.) I don’t think I will ever see this movie, but I won’t begrudge people who do. Will he kill his dad or will he marry the lady?! TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


This series is not for me. Is it for you?

Last Vegas

The one thing I always didn’t like about The Hangover series — just this one thing, everything else about it I’ve always thought was perfect — is that the dudes in it weren’t my grandpa enough. Thank you, Last Vegas!

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  1. Looks like the 2010s will be remembered as the party destination movie decade.

  2. I don’t know why that Weasley is surprised he can travel through time. You’re a wizard, kid!

  3. I just want an entire movie of drunk Morgan Freeman.

  4. “About Time” looks like it would be a good watch on a transatlantic flight.

  5. just read the story that Fruitvale Station is based on and holy crap it’s kind of insane and sad. The whole thing happened when I was in college and did not watch the news, so I don’t remember it all.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BART_Police_shooting_of_Oscar_Grant (spoilers I guess)

  6. So James Franco did a review of Gatsby for Vice and Oh, Boy, is it not well written.


  7. Ha! So glad James Franco and Danny McBride could team up again after Your Highness. I really think As I Lay Dying will serve as a good follow-up. Remind me. As I Lay Dying is kind of a buddy comedy with lots of jokes about drugs and sex right?

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