Goodbye, oldest friend. Literally the friend (TV show) I’ve known longer than all of my current friends (actual friends). (IT’S BEEN ON FOR SUCH A LONG TIME!) The finale saw all the oldies and goodies coming back to say goodbye. We finally got the answer to whether or not Michael Scott would show up, which has been plaguing us for months. (And his entrance was perfect.) We learned that everybody is happy except for Kevin and Toby. Hahah. WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT THEM THO. I thought it was great! Did I cry? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Did you cry? When? Tell me when you cried. I suppose I’m glad that the Jim and Pam romance ended with Pam doing a grand gesture for Jim, but…I don’t particularly think he deserved it? I’m not really buying the idea that Jim has done all of these grand romantic gestures for Pam that she needed to repay. He just consistently made decisions without telling her, which seems more like a character flaw than anything else. Hahah. ALSO REMEMBER WHEN SHE QUIT ART SCHOOL BECAUSE HE WAS, LIKE, MAD THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT HER A COFFEE OR WHATEVER? ALSO REMEMBER WHEN SHE GAVE BIRTH? TWICE????????????? Hahah. I am glad they’re moving to Austin, though. That’s going to be fun, I’m excited for them. (This was an actual documentary, yes?) What else. Oh, HELLO KATE FROM BEN AND KATE, USING YOUR REAL FIRST NAME! IT’S NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN, I MISSED YOU! And hello Joan! You were good and well cast! I do want to see a blood test, though. And if Erin made any money from the documentary, you aren’t going to see any of it. (Also, why didn’t you call her Kelly?) (Remember how her real first name is Kelly?) (MY NAME?!) So. It was a great end to a 100-year-old series that was great for a while and then not so great for pretty much the same amount of time. Love you, The Office. I’ll see you in Heaven!

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  1. Yeah, I’m not sure how asking someone else to make a supercut of you and your wife over the years is really a romantic gesture.

    That Michael Scott entrance was fucking perfect.

    • Didn’t he leave his dream job for Pam so she wouldn’t have to leave Scranton? That seems like a pretty huge gesture. Sure maybe he was being a dick leading up to that but ultimately he resigned himself to a job he had always wanted out of, and then said he was happy to be there because it made her happy.


        Uh, she quit of her own accord. Jim told her to stay at Pratt to finish fucking Photoshop 101 or whatever, but she wanted to be home. He told her it would be fine if she stayed and even minimized the impact additional time would have on their relationship.

        Jim being jealous about the coffee dude (Harry Crane) who, by the way, we were definitely supposed to feel was into her, lasted 45 seconds and never came back up. In fact, he specifically kept himself from driving to NY to make a whole thing about it because he trusted and loved her and didn’t want to hurt her pursuit of a potential new life.

        On the other hand, Pam just harumphed and sniped because Jim’s amazing start-up, their one true chance at stability and fulfilling their financial and (Jim’s) creative dreams, was a time suck. Doy. Starting a business is hard, especially the first couple years. Yeah, he should definitely just molder in a dull business that’s in decline.

        It is really weird to argue with people about fictional relationships.

        • THANK YOU, JEB.

          Yes, Jim was legitimately kind of shitty about the whole thing in the beginning, and I would be super upset if my husband did that without telling me, but damn, making someone give up on a dream job to stagnate in the town they grew up in just seems WAY HARSH, TAI.

        • I actually really appreciated the “Pam is unhappy at art school” storyline. Because yes, following your dreams is great, but sometimes you realize those dreams aren’t what you want anymore, or just aren’t right for you for whatever reason, and it’s totally fine to change your mind and decide you want something else. Giving up isn’t always failure; sometimes it’s the right thing to do, and you hardly ever see that side of it presented in shows/movies/etc. It was realistic and kind of refreshing to see.

          • Yeah, I thought the Pam storyline was handled really well. I thought the Jim storyline was too, until of course they had to give him his perfect fairytale ending where he gets the girl and the family AND the money AND the cool new city AND a year of free severance pay or whatever.

  2. I did cry, like a chump. I didn’t even really watch the first hour or so, and I just watched the end when they were all sitting around the office (never again, SOB!) playing guitars and showing montages of themselves through the years. The thing Andy said about wishing you could know when the good-old-days while they were happening? Well, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. I’m only human!!!!

  3. That scene with Erin meeting her parents was so great. Ellie Kemper’s “Was there a follow up question?” to Joan Cusack was absolutely hilarious. Other than that, tears, brah, tears in that scene.

  4. The Creed parts were so great. And of course all of the Scranton parts at the very beginning from the wrap party weekend were sweet. The cast was really shocked by the enthusiasm of the huge crowd. I thought they wrapped up the series with the exact right amout of humor and poignancy.

  5. So I really chumped it up last night and went and saw Star Wars instead of watching The Office’s last episode EVER, but I’m glad to hear it had a happy and tear-filled ending. Appropriate! I will watch it tonight and comment here after everyone else has long since forgotten that this thread or The Office itself ever existed.

  6. Michael needing to have two phones for all of the pictures of his kids was my favorite thing, but second might be that Oscar was way into origami for eight years.

  7. Ryan naming his baby Drake and then giving the baby an allergic reaction and abandoning him so he could run away with Kelly was so great

  8. I thought Pam’s closing lines were a pretty nice way to wrap things up. I miss you, the Office.

  9. When Mose looked longingly at the scarecrow, that’s when I knew I’d miss the show the most.

  10. I think my favorite thing over the entire series has been watching Jim and Dwight’s friendship evolve. You always knew he and Pam were gonna make it but his relationship with Dwight has been kind of a surprise. One of my favorite moments was watching them work together on that sales call where they did they called customer service. One of my best friends is a guy I hated when we first met and I love watching that change happen. Gutten prank, Office. Gutten prank.

  11. That Creed quote at the end? About how it all seems so arbitrary, where we end up and how we get there, but we still make it feel like home? Are you even kidding me? Tearsville, USA.

  12. Remember in Season 1 and the first half or so of Season 2, when Michael was legitimately appalling? And then he wasn’t and I wibbled like a toddler when he showed up?

    Also, thank goodness Ryan and Kelly ended up together at last. I don’t have to burn Utica to the ground after all.

    • His “children getting married to each other” line was so classic Michael. I like to imagine that in the car on the way home, Jim turned to Pam and said, “You talked to Michael for a while!!” And she said, “I know! Can you believe it? Who would have thought?”

      • He really had one of the best character arcs ever. And Steve Carell is perfect.

        • I also liked that he had that salt-and-pepper hair, especially in contrast to that super awful slicked-back style of the earliest seasons. It was like a visual reminder that Michael has become comfortable with himself. He’s not trying so hard, and it works for him.

          • Steve Carell had thinning hair when they first started filming The Office, and his character was testing as ‘gross,’ so I believe the studio recommend he fix that and get good hair. Hollywood, amirite?

  13. Also, did anyone else think it was really weird how quickly they transitioned into Hannibal? Like I was still drying my eyes when all of a sudden they start talking about serial killers competing against each other or something. You just couldn’t keep yourself from ruining the moment a little bit could you, NBC?

    • Yes! I was sitting there feeling all bittersweet and the TV was like “HANNIBAL STARTS RIGHT NOW!” and I was like, “NO, IT DOESN’T!”

    • My mom had called me to commiserate and talk about the Office so I put the TV on mute, but then I could still see intestines and a guy with a cello shoved down his throat and my mom and I were both like, “Uhhh…..what?” Really kind of a weird transition.

    • Here they didn’t show Hannibal. They had a special called “Scranton says goodbye to the Office”. Perfect.

    • Wasn’t Hannibal cancelled already or not picked up? Seems like a pretty heavy way to force a show that has really really low ratings.

      • They showed Hannibal because obviously this is one of Dwight’s favorite shows.

        I have to say, Hannibal is way more interesting than any procedural currently on TV. It’s really bloody, great at insinuated violence and willing to let the atmosphere tell a lot of the story. I hope it doesn’t go away.

        I can understand why it’s flailing, though. With Gaumont producing, it’s bound to feel a bit European to US viewers.

  14. I like how it wasn’t the Michael Scott show. His lines were few and perfect. The non-speaking scenes where he was laughing with everyone at the wedding made me feel emotions I was not prepared to feel.

  15. I was perfectly dry-eyed until Phyllis showed the mini-Phyllis that Stanley made for her–it got me & I’m not even sure why.

  16. The best call back was obviously Devon’s return.

    I was fine with Gabe not coming back. His addition to the show signaled the final decline and rootlessness of the show. (He could be funny, like many of the short-lived characters, but he shouldn’t have been on this show.)

  17. The one thing I thought felt sort of unrealistic or poorly executed was the idea that this was a PBS show with limited viewership and only local notoriety. I mean, no one would shoot a show like that to show in one tiny market.

    When the people in line yelled yer-der-der-der-der-der (is that how it’s spelled???????) at Andy, I was like, this show probably would’ve been a bigger deal, right? With all the wacky characters? Wouldn’t people be reading Vulture recaps each week? Wouldn’t Dwight be on Watch What Happens Live?

    It just seemed like an odd cop out.

  18. Did anyone else think it was kind of weird that Joan Cusack and Ed Begley Jr. were Erin’s parents and they were together? Like seemed to be actually married or whatever? I legitimately thought they were pulling a Miss Havisham/Rooster kind of thing from Annie and trying to bilk Erin for sweet, sweet documentary money or something. Although, they did do a good job of making Joan Cusack look like she could really be Ellie Kemper’s mom, so I guess I don’t know!

    • Haha, not Miss Havisham, Miss Hannigan. Now that would be a musical, though.

    • Yeah, that was odd. How often does a couple give up a baby for adoption and then remain together for like three decades? Zero, right? None times?

      • I think they could have had Erin as teens before they were married or something. The real weird part was that the documentary was about 6 months old at this point and they waited for the panel to find her. Would it have been so hard to just walk into the office or send her a letter or something?

    • I may or may not have started crying a little bit as soon as Joan Cusack said she had a question for Erin.

    • Boy-oh-boy, I sobbed during the reveal of this. And my LITERAL bros (from college — who I am visiting this week) just turned and stared at me, like, “Are you serious?”

  19. I laughed really hard when Nellie said, “I get what they’re doing, but why are the graves so shallow?” Also when Andy said, “Thanks, Dad. I mean, Daryl.”

  20. Kelly, I read “grand romantic gesture” as though someone else was saying it…

  21. The return of Michael Scott was great, no duh. Pam saying “He’s just so happy to have a family plan” killed me! And I loved that Phyllis was trying to create Stanley 2.0 with her fudge. The Stanley/Phyllis stuff last night might have been my favorite. Goodbye, The Office! You had your ups and downs, but I still love you.

  22. Also, what the hell was Eric Wareheim doing at the wedding?

    • Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Wareheim photobomb!

    • I caught that, too. That last episode packed every writer, fan blogger, actor, etc. into the audiences. Everyone who spoke or posed for a photo or sat in an audience was a person somehow connected to the show. Greg Daniels was even there in at least one or two shots.

  23. I thought it was a fitting and wonderful finale. Just wondering if I’m the only one, but the whole Kelly/Ryan stuff just made me realize how much I hadn’t missed them. I think one of my favorite things was that Dwight fired Kevin. I mean, he really was horrible at his job. Loved the Creed stuff. I really hope Clark Duke finds another TV show gig because I love him.

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