I think you deserve it. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. It amazes me that people who constantly record themselves and post it all on YouTube don’t know to turn their phones sideways.

  2. My parents like to tell the story of when I was old enough to start eating solid food, so like 6-8 months old? Does that seems right? Anyway, my family and my grandparents go to an ice cream shop. My grandfather is holding me in one arm as he eats the ice cream with the other. I’m looking at it very intensely, so he asks my parents if I can have a taste. They hem and haw and eventually decide it’s ok. He gives me a small bite. I taste it for a few seconds, then immediately grab the arm holding the ice cream and shove my face into the cone.

    • A wise man.

      I recently had a huge pancake breakfast with friends and my pseudo-nephew was sitting on my lap, and wanted some of my fruit. I moved the plate closer to him and he dug in..and didn’t stop. I looked away briefly and noticed about 1/4 my fruit was gone, and he was still going. It was a nonstop motion of hand to plate to mouth to plate to mouth to plate, repeat (there was no rinsing). I felt awe, then anger over my missing fruit, just completely being impressed, then fear over the fact that there is no way he was chewing properly. When I finally stopped him, I’d say I had less than 1/4 left…

    • Wasn’t there a compilation of kids getting their first taste of ice cream going around a few months ago? Why was it not just a loop of this?

  3. By our very own king curtis, by the way.

  4. Do you want the Ice Cream Baby? Do you think you deserve it?

  5. Adorable but strange since cats cannot taste sweet things and generally avoid them. I have 2 Siamese cats at home, maybe I should test this for myself.

    • My old cat (RIP) was very into ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip. She also used to lick our muffin wrappers clean. (Not a euphemism.)

    • In my experience, cats are generally big fans of ice cream. I believe it’s the ‘cream’ part.

    • I used to live with a cat who was super-into cantaloupe. I’d cut one in half (a cantaloupe, not a cat), eat it, and then let him lick out whatever was left. I like to imagine he was the inspiration for that cat with the melon helmet. (Internet says maybe that helmet was actually a lime, but we will go with melon because I do not have any stories about cats who eat limes.)

  6. Needed this. Thanks Kelly!

  7. ugh I come to the internet to get AWAY from work

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