The Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant has begun responding to Patton Oswalt on Twitter. I am sure the FBI, much like me, is ALL OVER THIS.

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  1. “RT Amy’s Baking Co (@AmysBakingCo): Any future correspondents with us will be threw are PR firm. We’re regrand opening on May 21st!.”

    Guys, this is so good, I almost swear we’re all being played for chumps. I will never, ever write anything this good.

  2. Ok, I really hope this is a fake account because I can no longer schaden any freude. I am legitimately worried that this will end in bloodshed. IT’S LIKE THE BAKING EQUIVALENT OF JEREMY (by Pearl Jam, not Jeremy Renner, unless there are worrisome things going on with the Renner.)

  3. I feel like Amy might honestly be helped by Dr Drew.

  4. Seriously, ABC needs to be on Nathan For You. Let’s make it happen, America.

  5. It turns out Amy is a convicted felon. Go figure.

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