There are certain things that become so ingrained into our popular culture that we cannot imagine a time when they didn’t exist, and yet there was a time when they were wholly new. The image of Santa Claus wearing a red coat with white fur lining, for example. Although it is a modern myth that he was invented by the Coca Cola company, it is true that he used to be depicted wearing a green coat and bishop’s garb, and it was only through decades of illustration and consolidation that he took on the standardized version that we all know and recognize today. And other powerful examples. The point that I am trying to make, and that I think I am really nailing home, is that sometimes things feel obvious only after the fact, and the world without them cannot even be imagined, but there is also a gray zone in which we are currently living, where there is a video in which the new Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” is playing over footage from an old episode of Soul Train, and you suddenly wonder why there are not a million videos stretching throughout the entire history of womankind in which the hottest song of the day is played over archival footage of people dancing. It might seem like there are a million videos like this, because there obviously should be, but you might be surprised at how the examples you are thinking of are different enough as to not even be examples, and to discover just how novel this video really is considering how seamlessly it has already woven itself into the fabric of our lives.


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  1. I can’t watch this at all, because technically I’m in a meeting.

    But there used to be a bar in Cambridge that projected Soul Train on their Soul and Groove night. It was the best, because even though everyone in the bar was terrible at dancing, at least there were some good dancers on screen.

  2. I’ve always thought, yeah, I could probably learn how to dance OK, if I wanted to. Watching this really crystallizes the futility of my future Personal Groove Index.

  3. Nice gams, ladies! If you got it, flaunt it. Show off those matching spankies!

  4. I just want to go ahead and confess that this is my favorite video even close to such a category:

  5. Can we re-boot Soul Train?! Like can we just have a show that is people dancing and being happy and it’s not a competition they’re just dancing cause dancing is fun?!

  6. Or just put this with every song

  7. And there’s this monstrosity I made last year:

  8. Well, that settles it. I’m definitely not as good a dancer as I thought.

  9. By the way people, this album is the real deal.

  10. Eh, the Curtis track is much cooler.

  11. I’m a lil obsessed with the Get Lucky/Last Night a DJ Saved My Life mash-up.

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