• Want to read about a bet Steven Spielberg made with George Lucas about Star Wars? It sounds like snoozeville to me but if you’re interested in being so upset about the amount of money a person has (the bet is about money) (kind of), READ ON! -/Film
  • “Ellie Kemper Asks: Can Men Be Funny?” -GQ
  • Ben Affleck is hosting this weekend’s season finale of Saturday Night Live, and you can watch the promos if you want to! -NBC
  • The entire ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother will take place in the hours before Barney and Robin’s wedding. Sounds, ah…I don’t know! It certainly sounds! -TVLine
  • Netflix Streaming’s traffic is up 35% from last year. POP CHAMPAGNE! What are you wearing to the party later? At your friend’s house? To celebrate? I’m wearing a fancy gown. -FilmDrunk
  • No doy Seamless has a page for Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand. It’s ON THE INTERNET. Helloooooo. Wake up. -Hypervocal
  • AHHHHHHHH! Julianne Moore’s toes! -Dlisted
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  1. So I’m guessing season 9 will contain a lot of flashbacks, be a shorter season with fewer episodes, or be a complete clusterfuck.

  2. I feel your pain, Julianne Moore! I too have super wide feet and teeny, gross pinky toes that pop out! I do not wear strappy sandals, but otherwise we are exactly alike in every other way.

  3. She says men aren’t funny, but the all the ones linking to the Christopher Hitchen’s “Are Women Funny?” article in the comments are cracking me up. What now, Kemper?

  4. That GQ article had a much more interesting link about polo shirts at the bottom. I was worried that they were going to be anti-polo, at which point I would have to be anti-GQ, because the polo shirt is basically my daily uniform for work.

  5. Maybe I’ve read too much trivia about filmmakers, but I thought the Spielberg/Lucas bet was pretty common knowledge. /Film is usually up on their stuff, but they start the post by insinuating that this is some unearthed gem of movie history. Kinda weird.

  6. Good job, Ellie Kemper.

  7. Netflix domestic is now bigger than HBO’s subscription base.

    Would be interesting to know if they make any profit from those users. Usually only the DVD subscribers (full discLOLsure: I subscribe to the fuller DVD plan and less robust streaming plan simultaneously) make a profit for Netflix. Without DVDs there would be no Netflix, despite the prevalence of streaming’s popularity.

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