DID YOU WATCH? Was the Taylor Swift cameo everything you dreamed it would be?! It was almost exactly everything I dreamed it would be, except she did not sing a song. What’s the deal with that? Why didn’t Taylor Swift sing a song?! Taylor, girl, you gotta sing a song! Let those sweet pipes fly! Lord knows you didn’t escape your angel duty in Heaven so you could float down to Earth, strumming your lyre on a songcloud, and ACT. (She is not good at acting.) It was an all right otherwise! Not a great episode, but a fine finale. Obviously Cece, beautiful Cece, did not end up marrying Shivrang. Though I’m not sure how you could call off your wedding for someone who went to such great lengths to humiliate you on what was supposed to be the biggest day of your life. GIRL. Ditch that zero and get with A NORMAL HUMAN. THAT GOES FOR ZOOEY AS WELL. “I’m in for phase three.” Gross, dude. You’re a million years old, quit it with the revenge pranks. Also, quit doing the running-back-into-each-others-arms thing. This was, like, the fourth time? DATE EACH OTHER OR DON’T. Except just do date each other, because you are so cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeee! WHAT ELSE? Who do you think Schmidt is going to pick?! Ex-girlfriend who he only recently starting dating mostly out of guilt about how he treated her at the end of their relationship, or Cece, main character on the show? Hahah. My prediction is that he will date ex-girlfriend for a while longer, and then there will be a break, and then he will finally date Cece and everything in our lives will be perfect. What is your prediction? What did you think of the show? Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s TAYLOR SWIFT!

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  1. jake johnson and zooey deschanel are just very good at kissing each other.

  2. I thought Taylor’s cameo was well done. I had actually totally forgotten about it before watching, so it did end up kind of taking me by surprise. But overall, I agree that it was pretty much a safe season finale. BTW, am I the only one that finds Elizabeth off putting? I mean, she deserves to be after some of the things Schmidt has done, but after a while you gotta cool it, lady.

    • i may be biased b/c i love merritt weaver but i find elizabeth VERY on putting. dating her is the only recognizably human thing schmidt has done on this show.

    • Sorry, that should have read “she deserves to be angry after some of the things Schmidt has done”, not that she deserves to be off-putting.

    • Huge fan of Elizabeth because we’re seeing how Schmidt came to be, and she’s one of the few if only people on the show that doesn’t only call him on his bullshit but also refuse to put up with it. Conversely, CeCe is more of an enabler. #TeamElizabeth #AlsoTeamFindSomethingForCeCeToDoThatIsn’tSchmidt

  3. I loved every single bit of physical comedy in this episode. Nick fist pumping to “Cotton Eyed Joe”???? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! That shit was hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrious!!!!!! Everyone in the ducts? Winston trying to strut when he got out of the ducts with his badger-bitten arm? Schmidt running away when the ladies were trying to make him choose between them? OH MY GOD. All of it!!!!

    • When I first heard them play “Cotton Eyed Joe” I rolled my eyes because I felt like it was the quirkiest, most obvious, remember-this-crazy-stupid-song song choice possible. But then when Jess and Nick quoted it back and forth to each other at the end, I loved it a lot. You got me again, New Girl!

      Also I thought Taylor Swift was a pretty good actress. I kept expecting to wince at her a lot, and I didn’t wince once!

    • “Why did you need me for this?”

  4. Oh man, I haven’t watched New Girl in so long. Is everyone still very attractive and sometimes a tiny bit annoying but mostly adorable and great?

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    • Oh hi Dr. Blinky I’m sure glad you showed up. I was going to page you because I knew that if we were having an open thread about New Girl you’d want to be here to crap all over it.

      Did you watch the episode? Would you care to share any well thought out and original insights into why you weren’t satisfied? Let’s discuss!

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        • You didn’t answer my questions, but that’s okay. It’s fine to not like a show. I don’t like a lot of shows! I don’t like Children’s Hospital that much, for instance. But I also do not come on videogum and only comment on threads about Children’s Hospital and only talk in very general and broad terms about why I don’t like it, over and over and over again. Don’t you get tired? I mean, do what you want, it’s none of my business and I’d be an idiot to let it bother me. But honestly, I’d think a doctor would have more to do with his time.

          • His/her doctorate is in ornithology, obviously.

            Mine is in funk.

          • I also don’t like a lot of shows but this is different. Whereas some shows I do not like (Law & Order, for instance) I understand why people like them, I literally do not get why anyone finds this funny. I get why my parents laugh at Two and a Half Men, that is not a mystery to me. But on this site where so many smart, funny people congregate and ostensibly have a good understanding of comedy it feels strange and foreign that people willingly spend a half hour a week with these overacting dolts. I am not saying do not watch the show or do not like the show. You have the right! It’s the 43rd amendment, I looked it up. The Right To Watch Unfunny Garbage or The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Amendment.

            I don’t think I saw any of this particular episode to answer your question as this week has been extremely trying for me personally (nightmare apartment problems preventing me from sleeping and slowly deteriorating my mental health), professionally (multiple people at my office, including a very close friend, were laid off as I typed my initial post) and governmentally (last night we re-elected assholes who are going to ruin one of the most beautiful environments on Earth) so I honestly don’t remember if I caught my usual 2 minutes at the end of Hell’s Kitchen. Oh, and after spending 2 hours last night filling out forms to buy my first ever home I found out today that the developers are being sued for not maintaining the building and so we had to withdraw our offer.

            So after all this, logging on to see people raving about New Girl, a show that is only marginally better than Whitney, was just too much. Be thankful though, it was either this or the clock tower with a gun.

          • First off, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a crap week. I know when personal stuff gets terrible it’s hard to see the humor in anything (I stopped commenting on VG for about 6 months last year for that very reason), but this was a comment thread about a specific episode of a tv show that you don’t like and haven’t seen. So it’s kind of hard to engage you in a legitimate discussion about the merits or demerits of the show when you’re not saying anything other than what you’ve already said.

            That said, you seem more interesting than just a troll, so I’m happy to keep commenting with you on other topics. Cheers, and I hope things start to look up for you.

        • I couldn’t disagree more, but I don’t know why this is being downvoted.

          “everyone seems to be dumber than anyone I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime” — true, but it is a TV show, after all. I never met no cheerleader vampire slayer, but I loved Buffy.

          • Also if they are dumber than any person you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime, congratulations on not meeting, like, pretty much any old idiot! True, I probably spend more time with the characters on The New Girl than whatever sorority girl decided to walk in front of my car while texting today, but I’d say on the whole there are a whooooole lot of really stupid and bad people on earth. At least these dummies are likeable and they do funny things with their bodies and words!

          • I watch plenty of shows with dumb people (Archer, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny) but those shows have great, smart jokes beyond “look how dumb these people are!” So far I’ve not seen any jokes like that in New Girl. Maybe I need to watch it more? That could be my fault for a limited sample size but I am visibly cringing every time I sit through any of it.

            I just can’t get over the bit I saw the other day. Guy who slept with New Girl is making her breakfast and cannot make scrambled eggs because he is an idiot. He pours them onto a plate still in liquid form because he’s an idiot and has never eaten scrambled eggs? Or he has but just can’t crack the code of how to make them because he’s an idiot? And still thinks it’s a good idea to serve them to her like that because he’s an idiot? Why make them in the first place? Because he’s an idiot? What is the joke here?

          • “Be thankful though, it was either this or the clock tower with a gun.” I’m sorry, what? I’m pretty sure that’s not funny. Wait, no. I’m positive that’s not funny.

          • I agree. What’s the problem with this person expressing their viewpoint? Except for the clock tower comment. Not loving that.

  6. I thought the episode was just ok, especially compared to the rest of the season which was mostly great. This is probably because there was no way Cece was ever going to marry Shivrang, and definitely it is hard to root for Schmidt and Cece to get together after the way he behaved in this episode/his tepid relationship with Elizabeth which was awkwardly shoehorned in. And also, DUH, of course Jess and Nick were going to decide to go for it. So there was no real tension.

    But it wasn’t a bad episode by any means! I thought Winston had some good moments (like when he started trying to have a deep philosophical conversation by himself in the vents, and when he asked the bartender to call him an ambulance), which is nice because he is the most underused character on the show. I hope they can find him an actual storyline next season.

    • Yes, the first season was kind of the year of Schmidt, this was the year of Nick, next year needs to be the year of Winston, he is delightful.

      • I think I might be the only person who doesn’t like Winston. I don’t know why. I just feel like he’s the “token black” character (to borrow a phrase from catweazle), awkwardly shoehorned into the show. That’s why the writers never know what to do with him.

    • One other thing: I thought the whole “Shivrang ALSO didn’t want to get married” thing was a huge copout. What Cece did was really shitty regardless of what was going on with Shivrang. Obviously they just wanted to draw out this storyline until the finale and up the dramatic stakes by having her leave him at the altar, while still maintaining her likeability, but seriously Cece? You didn’t want to marry this guy, but you were only able to admit that at the last possible moment, and only because your ex-boyfriend pulled some pranks and ruined the ceremony? Please.

      • Yeah, I would have liked it more if Shivrang were genuinely mad or if he was the only one that called it off. It was funny seeing Schmidt run away but that was really a stretch for me.

    • I agree with most of this, except I really like Elizabeth and hope she gets further developed next season. But yeah, watching this, I knew what would happen, but I still had a lot of fun with these characters, and just a highlight for every character. It was a nice hug goodbye for the summer. The end of the first season did the same thing with Nick moving out. You’re watching the show thinking, “There’s no way in hell he’s moving out,” but it still had some very nice moments. A really good episode of a now great television show.

      Season 3 needs to be the year of Winston and Daisy.

  7. Maybe I just love Winston too much, but I think establishing his character’s inability to prank correctly all season to have it pay off was kind of genius. Even more than the terrible badger in the ducts (which was great) I loved that Jess refused to believe Nick that Winston had been the creator of a prank so on tone and well-planned. (Best Line: “We don’t think the badger is rabid, he’s just kind of a dick.”)

  8. The Bad:

    1) Winston: Why doesn’t he have any romantic stakes? Why is he the only character for whom we shouldn’t be rooting for? Are the white leads the only ones we’re supposed to worry about?

    2) How can you have that long of an air duct plot and not have someone make a John McClane reference?

    The Good:
    1) The Miami Vice joke that just couldn’t get off the ground.

    2) Schmidt’s GF; she’s an amazing actress. I’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff, even Tiny Furniture, I think (cannot be bothered to use IMDB for some reason).

    3) The badger was the best choice for a scary animal because they are fucking terrifying: (from Wiki) “Their lower jaws are articulated to the upper by means of transverse condyles firmly locked into long cavities of the skull, so dislocation of the jaw is all but impossible. This enables the badgers to maintain their hold with the utmost tenacity, but limits jaw movement to hinging open and shut, or sliding from side to side without the twisting movement possible for the jaws of most mammals.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    4) Romance. I like it, even when it’s not done particularly well.


    Mindy Project is not good. A-doy.org. HOWEVER: Ike Barinholtz is one of the best things on TV. Who knew Mad TV would turn out some great comedians (see also: Andy Daly)? When he accidentally popped up in Mindy’s chat when she was romancing her man and immediately stripped off his shirt and announced he was the only person in the hotel’s business center, it confirmed he’s one of the best things going.

    • I guess that answers my question.

      • I liked Mindy’s new hair.

        Chris Messina is handsome and funny, but I can see how his delivery might be lost on casual viewers. He’s pretty dry.

    • I also really like just about everyone on the Mindy Project with the exception of Mindy. I can’t pin down what it is about her character that bothers me though. I keep hoping the writers will work it out.

      • Kate, I think Mindy Project has a similar issue as Veep and Parks & Rec season 1. In both the latter cases, the protagonist was an object of ridicule. In subsequent seasons this was softened and the protagonist was allowed to be funny while also part of the gang. This change was REALLY obvious in P&R. Season 1, I was like, “do they HATE her?”

      • I think it’s weird how they write even her more terrible boyfriends as nicer, better people than her.

      • I hate the old lady. I think she’s completely unnecesary and grating. Although I do love her muffins. So.

  9. Off-topic, but: am I the only one still watching the Mindy Project? And thinking it’s really pretty good? Like first season New Girl level figuring itself out good? Chris Messina is handsome? Just me?

    • One of my friends really really likes it and keeps trying to convince me to watch it. I remain unconvinced and usually turn off the tv after New Girl and read a damn book.

      • I honestly enjoy it and think it will be very good next year. It tinkered with itself too much but it’s got a really good groove going now. The same way I would tell someone not to start with season one of Parks and Rec or watch the first six or seven episodes of New Girl until you like it, I would say about the beginning of the Mindy Project. It kind of suffers too because Fox aired so many episodes out of order so it’s like two good ones and then a weird, terrible one.

    • i love the mindy project! a lot of my friends watch & like it, and it seems like a lot of the internet does, too.

      buuuut i’m a big fan of impractical jokers so what do i know?

  10. Now I have a loop of Cotton-eye Joe with a picture of Jake Johnson fist-pumping lodged pretty firmly in my head. Who do I sue? Jake Johnson? Fox? Sweden? Help me out here, guys.

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