James Franco is on the cover of GQ‘s “Comedy Issue” this month, which I guess makes sense, sort of. He has definitely been in a bunch of comedies, although at this point I feel like he has been in as many non-comedies as he has comedies and that is not even including creative writing classes and film editing seminars, or whatever. Also remember when he sold a cloud or something? But maybe that was kind of funny. Mostly I just feel like you could put James Franco on the cover of GQ any time you wanted, he is a very versatile celeb, so why put him on the cover of the Comedy Issue when there are so many other people who could ONLY be on the cover of GQ for the Comedy Issue. (Like KELLY CONABOY.) It’s just a waste of a Comedy Issue cover is all I am saying, but I am not in charge of GQ magazine. Not yet, at least. Oh that will be the day. “50 WAYS TO TIE YOUR SCARF.” I’ve got a lot of interesting ideas that are going to change the game. “DON’T YOU GUYS LIKE RACHEL BILSON, THOUGH?” And a big picture of Rachel Bilson on the cover, along with my home phone number and personal email address, in case she wanted to get in touch and lost the piece of paper with my home phone number and personal email address that I gave her at the photo shoot. Anyway, to promote James Franco appearing on the cover of GQ‘s “Comedy Issue” this month, they released a video called “Everyone’s a Comedian Starring James Franco,” directed by Terry Richardson. So tell me, is it hilarious?

Is This Video Of A James Franco Photo Shoot Hilarious?

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  1. Goddammit Terry Richardson.

    • I agree, reading this post I was like “okay….this might not be so bad,” and then Gabe threw that one in at the end and whoops I am not going to enjoy this.

      Also, I am sure the dude does actual photography, but photographing celebrities in your stupid pedophile glasses doing the stupid thumbs up thing is NOT talented photography and why is it getting covered like people are supposed to care?

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  2. Franco Fatigue. That’s a real thing that we can all have together, I’ve decided.

  3. I am just waiting for Tom Cruise’s cover shoot for GQ’s Tragicomedy Issue

  4. He always has the expression of a guy who refers to himself as “the funny one.”

  5. #kelly4franco

  6. You guys, I am just so bummed out by this. Of course it’s not surprising that James Franco is doing stuff with Terry Richardson and I’m pretty sure he has before, but it’s like I can’t go a DAY without seeing Terry Richardon’s name or stupid face. Just yesterday I saw the new Valentino ad campaign for their handbags or something and not only did Terry Richardson take the photos but his fucking ARM is in all of the pictures holding the bags. ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME VOM? WAS THAT THE PLAN? And even unfollowing Valentino on Twitter (which I did immediately, oh my god, if I had a nickel for every Twitter I unfollowed because of this douchebag), I still saw a shitload of tweets about it from fashion blogs all day. There is no other photographer who is treated as a celebrity in this way, that I can think of, and it’s almost like the fashion industry is just fucking with us, waiting to see how far they can take their weird Richardson-worship before the world says “CUT IT THE FUCK OUT AND ALSO PUT HIM IN JAIL PLEASE!”

    tl;dr – Terry Richardson blows and makes me ranty

    • OH MY GOD YES.

      I have never been more pained by a magazine than when The Gentlewoman had Douchnozzle Rapey Flannelface shoot Angela Lansbury for a cover last year. GODDAMN IT YOU STAY AWAY FROM J.B. FLETCHER, YOU HEAR ME?

      I mean, obviously everything else he has done is worse, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back (and heart).

      • I wish there was some sort of decency force field that would propel him across the room when he got too close to…well, everyone who isn’t him, basically.

    • His fame is truly mind-boggling. I know very little about photography, but I don’t see anything in his that particularly stands out. He also wears the same shirt every day, and gives off MAJOR pedophile vibes. I feel like he should be working in a Glamour Shots somewhere, not in the public eye.

    • Honestly there have got to be at least 100,000 art school photographers who could do the exact same work for much cheaper and without sexually harassing or assaulting anyone.

      • I just bet there’s a sign in his office that reads ___ # DAYS SINCE A SEXUAL ASSAULT, and the number filled in is always 0.

      • Yeah in a comment above I stated that I am sure he does actual photography, but said that more to cover my own ass because I generally try to forget he exists and do not have much interest in fashion related stuff, so I don’t really know, but it’s nice to see that I am not too far off in thinking his work is rather talentless.

  7. But yeah, this is the world’s most punchable video.

  8. Nothing says comedy like a 67 second video with credits.

  9. So, when James Franco smiles he looks like Charlie from It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

  10. It says a lot about the state of publishing when GQ can’t get Mark Wahlberg for its comedy issue.

  11. You have to wonder what kind of geniuses are running the props department at GQ… “Oh you are working on a comedy shoot with James Franco? That’s great because I have tons of stuff related to killing yourself.”

  12. Can’t wait for K-Mart’s Halloween 2013 ads!

  13. Everyone’s a comedian, but ESPECIALLY Death, Bombers, People Who Wear Leather Jackets and Suicidal People are extra-funny comedians. If my husband were like “Hey do you want to go to the comedy club this weekend?” my response would definitely be “Only if someone is going to commit suicide while also blowing up the club LOL!!!”

    • OBVIOUSLY this whole thing a meta-textual artistic interpretation of the way that his so-called “comedy” is guaranteed to “bomb”, thus making it a subversive piece of anti-comedy.

    • I am of the opinion that death can be very funny. Some of my best friends are jokes about death!

      But yeah, on its own it isn’t much of a punchline.


      • Your accidental downvotes are great comedians. I am going to take so many pictures of them and then touch them inappropriately, or touch them inappropriately and then take pictures of them, whichever one seems funnier in the moment.

  14. they’re obviously saving kelly for their annual blog issue.

  15. Hilarity: A Poem, by James Franco

    Skeletons, skulls
    nooses, hanging, suicide
    funny face
    grim reaper
    leather jackets
    striped shirts
    funnier face
    pointing to head while wearing a blazer
    and a striped shirt
    thumbs up
    this guy

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