• Bill Hader is ending his eight-year run on Saturday Night Live with the season finale this Saturday. Oh no! Oh noooooo! R.I.P., my love! -NYTimes
  • If you are trying to avoid spoilers for How I Met Your Mother, stop reading now. Okay, now it’s just us chill bros. Ugh, what a bunch of DORKS those other guys are! So anyway the audience met the mother last night. -EW
  • Vulture talked to two set decorators and a production designer from Mad Men, Scandal, and The Americans about  how they do what they do. (Turns out they use magic?) -Vulture
  • The fifth season of Childrens Hospital is going to premiere in July, but Adult Swim released a bunch of info about it this week if you’d like to read about it! -Splitsider
  • Is James Franco dating Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones?! Are they going to get married someday, do you think?!?! How beautiful do you think their children would be? I’d say def beautiful but there’s always a chance they won’t turn out so beautiful. -Dlisted
  • Kevin Smith has finished the first draft of Clerks 3. Plz make a special note in your diaries to mark this blessed day. -FilmDrunk
  • And finally, Breaking Bad is getting a Spanish-language remake titled Metastasis. -/Film
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  1. “¡Perra!” — Jesus Rosahombre

  2. Emilia Clarke dates Seth McFarlane and now James Franco? Is she on the Hollywood Dating Tour of Dudes I Kinda Want to Punch?

    • I still feel like Franco is a few steps up from MacFarlane, though. Maybe she’ll get her shit together eventually. You have to wade through a bunch of Daario Noharises before you can find your Azor Ahai, I suppose. #nerd

    • Isn’t James Franco like, the first person you think of when you hear the words “openly gay celebrity”? How does the fact that he “was seen at an art fair” with that girl make them an item when he’s so very openly gay? Would they ever report the opposite? “Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan seen near each other at a thing, obviously they are doing it.”

  3. Can this week’s SNL just be 90 minutes of Stefon? That would be a good way to go out.

  4. Whenever there’s talk of how two beautiful people would have beautiful children together, I feel the need to remind them of Paul and Linda McCartney’s son.

    • No, I don’t know what the antecedent to “them” is in that comment. Cut me some slack, I’m on allergy medication!

    • I had a total dreamboat teacher in high school who was married to a very, very beautiful woman and I was so excited when I found out they had a son my age – until I realized that he was the ugly kid with their last name in my class. So sad. Still not sure if he got Rumor Willised or if he is just going to get better with age until he is as drop dead gorgeous as his parents in his 50s. I hope for the latter; he was a very nice boy.

  5. I hate to see Hader go, but it seems like the show doesn’t know what to do with him anymore. I was hoping he’d have a few more breakout roles like Stefon as opposed to the 99 billion game show hosts he played. Hope he goes to something where his talent isn’t wasted.

    • I just hope that whatever it is, it involves characters, not just “roles”. It makes me sigh sighs of sadness when amazing character actors get sucked into boring “regular people” roles on sitcoms and are totally tamped down and vanilla’d. Of course, the opposite risk is completely hollow character-actor vehicle hell, a-la The Master of Disguise, but I beliiiiieeeve

  6. You have no idea how badly I need a 40-minute Stefon segment.

  7. Spoiler alert: the mother was a terrible actress in her first scene. I don’t want to meet her anymore.

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