“Wow, what a ride it has been! You know, you dream about living a life like the life I’m living as a little kid, but you never think it’s actually going to happen. Even while you’re working hard towards your goal, seemingly getting closer every day — at least to those watching on the outside — it’s so hard to imagine it coming into your grasp. I think you’d have to be just a little more prideful to ASSUME it’s going to happen for you, to ASSUME you’re going to get to experience these things that just about everyone dreams of at one point or another. I mean, whew, even when I say it now my heart flutters a little bit — Chris Hadfield, Viral Video Sensation. Gosh. Can you believe it? I don’t mean to come off as boastful, I’m just so stunned and grateful and humbled that something like this would be a part of my life. Something I can talk to my children about, stories that will live long after I have left this Earth — and not just to go into space! Hah-hah. That’s a little astronaut humor for you. Anyway here’s a video of me singing David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ on a spaceship, in space.”

I do love this guy, though. That is for sure. (via BoingBoing.)

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  1. In space, nobody can hear you wail.

  2. I always get Space Oddity confused with Rocket Man, which in this scenario is sort of appropriate.

  3. I’m gonna go genuine on this one, because I loves me some Hadfield. He’s right up there with Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Carl Sagan, Levar Burton, Bill Nye, and the whole gang. This video gave me shivers and made me well up. Hadfield’s general excitement and curiosity in presenting science from ISS are so engaging, and made the vulnerability and honesty of this farewell to space really touching. For all the people who frustrate us because they end up in powerful or special positions through some misguided Peter and/or Dilbert principled bureacratic BS, Chris Hadfield is the man, and in the perfect place. I’ll miss his zero gravity antics.

  4. While I appreciate his sense of whimsy, I really wish he spent more time answering serious questions, like “Can you really see Suffragette City from space?”

  5. I saw this yesterday and loved it, but I have so many questions. How did they do the recording? and the editing? It looks very professional for being done on a space station. Will it be available on iTunes?!?!?! Will Bowie do a duet?!?!?!?!?!

  6. This is nice, and he is a super cool person, but really, is this the best song choice? Especially when you’re actually IN space? What about that timeless hit, “We’re Going To Land Safely And Everything Will Be Just Fine, Don’t Worry Guys, I Would Never Dream Of Tempting Space Fate By Singing A Song About Getting Space Lost!” Chris Hadfield?

  7. I don’t like when you stop me from commenting, VG! I was just trying to tell Kelly and friends how much I love both this video and this write-up, and NO I have not had even close to too much to drink so just LET ME DO THIS OK?

  8. i don’t know why but:

  9. Wow how did they get that super cool zero gravity special effect?

  10. I hope other astronauts follow his example and entertain us.

    (Seriously, this guy’s the best. I’m so happy we have him around.)

  11. I’d do him… IN SPACE.

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