This is the only thing that has ever mattered. (No offense to Froggy Fresh. You are still my main man.) But also Y.N.RichKids 3 LYFE! So so so dope. (Thanks for the tip, Rob.)

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  1. i <3 the hat that says i <3 haters

    • I also love that Ben10 has like 3 different angry birds sweatshirts.

    • I wish they were wearing helmets, though. Bike safety is important, kids!!

      • yeah, as someone who almost got hit by a car yesterday my immediate reaction was “where are there helmets?!” But I do remember being young and invincible and riding really fast down a hill with the wind whipping my hair back and forth.

      • The bike advocate nerd in me wants to blab about the whole you must wear a helmet thing being kind of overblown and misguided (“kind of”, I still ride with one most of the time…especially downtown)…but yeah, it wouldn’t kill ya kids!! Especially on the bmx course.

  2. I love these kids. They also have a ton of free to download music out on their website

  3. It’s pretty rad that they started this video by throwing the hot cheetos and takis in the trash. Guys, let’s all throw our symbolic hot cheetos and takis away and hop on “our bikes” and move forward!

  4. I listened to this song like 7 times over the weekend. No joke. If I may also recommend “Khaki Dance” by the NSJ Crew.

    It’s not YN Rich Kids, but there’s a lot of overlap (Dame Jones, G6, and everyone’s favorite, Ben 10)

  5. I HAVE A QUESTION. What is the difference between swag and swerve?

  6. Also, I think it is nice that they have a girl rapper.

  7. These kids are so darn cute. And this is exactly how I feel when I’m ridin’ on my volt.

  8. grapper.

  9. I love this song very much.

  10. Are those peruvian pan flutes?

    This is my new summer jam.

  11. I forgot to use my pseudo-videogum-nym. My pleasure!

  12. This should be Minneapolis’ new ad campaign. (Also, MN just passed marriage equality legislation – best state ever!?)

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