Netflix released a trailer today for the upcoming season of Arrested Development. WOULD YOU HIT IT?

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  1. I don’t get it. Are the Bluths looking to purchase the Brooklyn Nets?

  2. Let me pull that tail out of the snake’s mouth:

  3. Anybody else getting enough of the over-hyping? Not even gonna watch that thing, I want to keep my excitement.

    • I definitely agree with the over-hyping, but as I’ve kept myself in the dark this long, I figured I would treat myself to this one trailer.

    • I’ve been mostly ignoring any and all news in order to not ruin it. I did watch the trailer and it made me giggle, so I’m sure the show will be great. Doesn’t give anything away, just has some silly jokes.

  4. Is it me? Or does it sound like it was recorded on an iphone?

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