• “Are all art shows in LA exclusively television and movie-themed?” is how I was going to open this link blurb, but, as it turns out, this “I Love You, Man” art show, featuring art that focuses on television or movie friendships, is in Brooklyn! LOL! Joke’s on me! -/Film
  • Happy Mother’s Day from Bobby Bottleservice. -KrollShow
  • Randy Jackson isn’t going to be returning to American Idol next season. -Dlisted
  • Wonder where the creator of the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” Vine account got his ideas? Entertainment Weekly asked him! -EW
  • Slate has a post up comparing the Gatsby movie and book, seeing how faithfully the former stuck to the latter, but I am not reading it yet because I’m going to see that movie on Monday. (I AM anxious to see if you have to read the movie, though.) But you do what you want! -Slate
  • Zach Galifianakis appeared on the most recent episode of The Chris Gethard Show and cut people’s hair. Watch how it turned out! -TCGS
  • JJ Abrams talked to MTV for about half an hour about Star Trek Into Darkness. I haven’t watched it, but the headline says he reveals five secrets. What kind of secrets, do you think? Like who has a crush on whom? Who played the best prank and how they pulled it off? What kind of secrets?! -NextMovie
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  1. I bet JJ Abrams definitely lets us in on where he gets his ideas (the answer is he plagiarized the smoke monster. Poor ole’ smoky :( )

  2. Ummm I’m probably way late to the party on this, because it’s been around for three and a half months, but is everyone reading Gavin Speiller’s Unfinished Scripts Twitter feed? Because it made me literally LOL so many times at work today: https://twitter.com/UnfinishedS

  3. I’m not going to see the Gatsby movie. Because based on the commercials it is not at all faithful to the book and is very insulting to one of the greatest novels ever.

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