Goodbye, Community! We don’t know if you’ll be gone forever or just for now, but we do know that if you are gone forever, you ended on a note that wasn’t particularly good after a season that was generally an enjoyable mixed bag! Last night’s episode replayed the main elements of many of Community‘s past favorites in a way that perhaps was meant to come off as a grand could-be-farewell-if-it-needs-to-be and instead came off as a lazy, safe (that is — put forth with the hope of being safe and able to at least please big fans of the show, though, and correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think it hit even that mark) rehashing of the same old laurels Community has been resting on for about two seasons at this point. There were funny moments, mostly involving Troy forgetting the soda (“must I bear this cross forever?!”), but mostly it felt like a bloodless end to what was once a fun, inventive show. (“We finally found a way to make paintball cool again!” NOOOOO!) Oh well. C’est la vie. The Office was sad. Are Pam and Jim really going to keep each other working in paper, a job neither of them cares about, in Scranton because they love each other too much to let the other one go for a few months? REMEMBER WHEN PAM COULD’VE FINISHED ART SCHOOL?!?! Also, why doesn’t Pam want to move to Philadelphia?! Why isn’t that even a thing they tried to talk about? THEY COULD LIVE IN THE SUBURBS! IT WOULD BE VERY NICE! NICER THAN SCRANTON, NO OFFENSE! THAT CITY IS BROKE! JIM AND PAM, COME OVER AND LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! Maybe they’ll move to the Philadelphia suburbs next week. Also, Jesus, when Jim was like, “[She thinks she's] Not enough? I know it’s against the rules, but I need you guys to do me a favor,” me and the people I was watching with groaned loudly at the TV. UGGGGHHHHHHHH. Yuck. Also, the favor was to cut so many fucking hours of tape into a 2-minute segment showing these two dorks dorking it up together?! “What? I’m sorry, but ABSOLUTELY no way.” That’s what I would say if I were the editor on PBS’s The Office. I enjoyed the episode otherwise! That baby was so GD cute. Dwight and Angela getting together was nice, though it is kind of insane that Angela was never going to tell Dwight that the baby was his unless he asked her out. The hell, Angela? You could’ve been getting child support! Let’s take a jump and then briefly talk about how good other things were.

Unless my memory is incorrect, I think we forgot to talk about the premiere of Inside Amy Schumer last week. WHOOPS! THAT SHOW IS VERY GOOD, I’M SORRY I NEGLECTED TO TALK ABOUT IT! And this week’s episode, featuring our friend Gabe Liedman, was even better than the last. Check it out! It is smart and funny and even though the interstitial title card moments feature Kroll Show-style awful, loud dubstep, you will only want to turn down your TV rather than change the channel because that is how good the rest of the show is. Hahah. YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT, COMEDY CENTRAL! New Girl was great. Bob’s Burgers had one of my favorite episodes of the season, so funny and so genuinely sweet. Those two shows are my favorite shows currently on TV. The End. What did you think?

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  1. I gave up on Community in season 3. I saw about 3 minutes of last night’s episode and now I’m pretty sure I made the right choice.

  2. I watched Bob’s Burgers twice in a row. Great stuff. “I’ve never heard of anyone having a boob fetish.”

    New Girl was the sweetest thing. Nick and Jess forever, though I have no idea what they’re going to do for conflict for the rest of the seasons.

  3. I was so terribly disappointed in Community. I hated the “darkest timeline” stuff, and to see it come up just made me roll my eyes. If it had just dealt in a same, normal manner with Jeff realizing that it was okay to move on, I might’ve insanely enjoyed this episode. But evil everyone, paintball, AnniexJeff, etc. just made me want to flip a table. I would’ve much rather enjoyed that Abed/Jeff one-on-one if it had been a call back to the My Dinner With Andre episode.

    Geez, Community. What happened?

  4. I got home around 9:38 after a shitshow of a final exam but I caught most of The Office and I am so happy for Dwight and Angela.

    I caught a little of Inside Amy Schumer. Councilman Jamm as a Nutters waiter was weird. It took me like 2 minutes to figure out who he was because…Nutters. Also the racist old people rehab sketch was okayish. White (racist) old people are funny when they’re not related to you. Then I lost interest and turned it away.

  5. *sane. My evil self would’ve spelled that correctly.

  6. The Office managed to make me cry a whole bunch of times, so that was good. Also I loved that Meredith has been on her best behavior for 9 years. Very cute. Also, Creed’s parents are going to kill him. LOLOLOL.

    I didn’t watch Community so I guess I’ll watch that tonight. Whatever. NBC managed to suck every bit of momentum and excitement out of that show for me and while I appreciate the effort the new writers and production team put into it, it’s basically like playing with a drug store version of a Barbie doll. It’s just not quite as fun.

    New Girl was funny and sweet, as usual, but I kind of hated the scenes of Jess teaching the kids. Don’t stand on the desk in a dress, Jess! Those kids are definitely looking up at your underwears!

  7. I think the Office is going out on a high note. They struggled after Carrell left, but now that they knew this year was the end, I honestly think they’ve done an admirable job of tidying things up where it’s not patronizing to the audience, but at the same time, being just-patronizing enough to make us satisfied w/the ending…which hasn’t ended yet.

    I guess what I’m saying is, it’s not the Sopranos.

  8. I agree with you all about Community. I almost wish that Parks and Rec wasn’t renewed for a 6th season, because I could then just rid myself of NBC all together. Almost.

  9. Also, you KNEW there’s be a muth-effin’ montage sequence of Jim and Pam that would make us all cry. Guilty as charged. Congrats writers-of-the-Office. Your week is done.

  10. I’m so behind on TV, man. Which is sort of good because the next time I’m in the mood to have a really lazy day, I’ll have lots of episodes to marathon, and I love doing that. But still, so behind. I didn’t even know this was the last season of The Office until a few days ago! And Nick and Jess are together now? What about Ross and Rachel? Will Sam lose the bar? IT WAS ALL BOB HOPE’S DREAM???

  11. I’ve been mostly apologetic about this season’s Community, in other words, “Eh, I guess this Community versus no Community?” but not after that. I’m done. That was terrible.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’m done with Parks as well. Season 5 felt like it was coasting (fun coasting but still), and 6 will just be more of that (Does anyone really think Leslie will get recalled? Really?).

    ANYWAY, New Girl. Oh Winston. “I got my own damn cake and you can’t have none!” So good.

  12. I hope when Community’s over and done with, Dan Harmon gets an apology.

  13. Drag Race? I’m so stoked about **spoiler** Jinkx’s win, although I really think Alaska deserved it in the end. And why doesn’t Ru have her own touring show? I would see that in a heartbeat!

    • I am very happy about the results too, but Alaska was an equally deserving contestant. I think the whole Rolaskatox thing held her back from victory. I would have liked to see a full season of Alaska being awesome on her own and not that clique crap. This season has too much stupid drama for my taste, but any season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is better than most other shows. Already can’t wait for season 6!

  14. Did we already talk about how Parks & Rec was renewed??? Treat Yo Self!
    Also does anyone still watch How I Met Your Mother? This week…ugh!
    New Girl was so great but do we think Cece and Shivrang are really getting married??? Only time will tell.
    I loved The Office. Wonderful.

    • I still watch HIMYM. Ted and Robin, give it a rest already, there is zero suspense there, jeez.

      • If we don’t meet the mom at the end of this season, I might just give up. The show is getting painful.

        • “Also does anyone still watch How I Met Your Mother? This week…ugh!”

          Yup. Almost the worst episode ever? Barney and Robin doesn’t work, it’s painful to watch, and yet the writers keep leaning into it with episodes about how it doesn’t work. And how obviously Ted and Robin does work much better. Can’t wait for a full season of the Mother worrying if Ted is too close to his ex, etc., that’ll be so fun.

  15. Are any of you guys watching Orphan Black? It’s a really great show, and the lead actress is fantastic!

    It’s not a comedy, and it airs on Saturdays, so I know this doesn’t really fit here, but I wasn’t sure where else to talk about it.

  16. The best part of The Office was the last moment when everyone watched the fist scene of The Office. Watching them watch themselves was a genuinely interesting way to approach the first airing.

    NEXT WEEK: I read about the IRL Scranton visit and now it seems that’s going to be part of the footage used for the finale. Steve Carell looks like he’s probably going to hop in cameo-style, rather than actually appearing in any scenes.

  17. I’m pretty sure that Comedy Central won’t let a woman host one of its shows unless there’s dubstep in it.

  18. If we’re talking about non-comedies, can we talk Doctor Who?

    I have been very disappointed in the endings to most of the episodes this season. All the eps start strong, but feel rushed at the. Journey to the Center of the Tardis was great until those last 10 min, then it got cheeseball.

    Clara is growing on me, but I’m still not the biggest fan. I like Victorian Clara better.

    This week is the Gaiman episode, so I’m excited for that!

    • I agree about the cheesiness of the Center of the Tardis episode. But I don’t mind occasional cheese in my Who. So long as it’s rare.

      • cheesy is fine from time time. I think my biggest problem is that I’m comparing to season 6 with its run of Night Terrors/Girl Who Waited/God Complex/Closing Time. Those were just all stunning eps to me, even Closing Time with it’s “love saves all” ending. I’ve just been let down a little this season, but I think I’m just expecting gut-wrenching and crying with every Who ep.

        • I really liked last week’s episode. It was silly and creepy and made me laugh all at once… the tone reminded me of the Who I’d watch with my grandma as a kid. I’m still on the fence with Clara. However, I want Madame Vastra and her crew to get a spinoff or just appear in every episode until I start liking the new girl.

          • Jenny and Madame Vastar were great! And I enjoyed the ep a lot, til the end! I think I just need to stop watching the last ten minutes of the show and I’ll be fine.

          • Oh I liked the little kids busting her for being a time traveler. I did not like her stupid face and sideways smile reaction, though. I was honestly expecting her to wink at the camera.

    • Yes! They make so much progress in the storyline and then go backward. THE LIBRARY. She knows his name and theeeeen she doesn’t. A friend of mine says there’s speculation that she’s related to Rose Tyler, but judging by the music, like “Hungry Like the Wolf,” I’m starting to believe. (Bad Wolf = Rose Tyler btw)

  19. Anyone watching Orphan Black? Comes on after Dr. Who on BBC America? Our very own Guy who used to be Max Headroom in the 80′s has joined the show as a cool villain! At least I think he’s a villain! Time will tell.

  20. Happy Endings? Anyone? Possibly the last Happy Endings episodes ever? Sad face. But at least the last episode contained both a Max & Penny caper AND Max’s sick dance moves. Max Max Max, Max 4ever.

  21. Community was mainly not very good, but I did love the Dean crying in a wedding dress. Jim Rash needs to be on more shows.

    I liked The Office a lot, minus the “you’re enough for me” stuff with Jim and Pam. Classic Dwight and Jim! Darryl dance party! Kevin’s best friends with a baby! I did tear up when Pam was watching all the footage and when Dwight proposed. I am excited/sad about next week.

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    • I’m all for having opinions, but do you just really just log in every week to take a dump on New Girl? That seems to be your whole shtick and, I don’t get it? Especially when the majority of your commentary is just calling the characters retarded, which is pretty fricking offensive.

      • Everything I would say about Community (well past its prime, nosediving) and Bob’s Burgers (always delightful, a treat to watch) generally gets said before I read my daily Videogum. I stopped watching The Office because I’m not a masochist, we don’t get Comedy Central in Canada, and every week I see all these people saying New Girl is great and funny and I do not understand what they mean. The show itself seems mean, as every character seems to have a learning disability, or a severe mental handicap and the only joke is that they are dumb (“adult man cannot make eggs” Audience: hahahahahahahahaha!!!). I find it impossible that none of them have accidentally killed themselves using scissors because they are all super dumb.

        I just find it incredibly disingenuous that people who would sneer and look down on According to Jim and Two and a Half Men (rightfully so, those shows are awful) enjoy a poorly acted show that’s just laughing at dumb people furrowing their brows in a vain attempt to understand the world around them. The comedy on New Girl is in no way smarter or better crafted than those two shows, it just has a Manic Pixie Dream Girl that hipsters want to sleep with. And the male actors, Jesus Christ. Don Knotts wants them to tone it down a bit.

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