• It hasn’t been stated officially yet, but a few sources are reporting that ABC has picked up the Marvel spin-off Agents of SHIELD, and the network briefly featured a short teaser for the series on its YouTube page. Look at it over here! -/Film
  • Kid President has a special Mother’s Day message to share. -KidPresident
  • NBC has canceled Whitney, Guys With KidsUp All Night, and 1600 Penn. R.I.P. shows! Most of us didn’t watch you, but I’m sure there are people out there who did. Our condolences. Parks and Recreation was renewed, though! Hooray! -EW
  • Do you guys know what a Thundershirt is? I guess it is a little vest you put on your pet to make your pet not so scared during thunderstorms. How does it work? I’m asking you. I have all day to wait for you to explain it to me. Hello? While we wait, here is a cat wearing one, having a wonderful reaction. -FilmDrunk
  • Thomas Mulcair, New Democratic Party Member of Parliament and Leader of the Official Opposition, made an Arrested Development reference. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. -Hypervocal
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  1. I kind of liked Up all Night! Like, I am not going to weep now, but I am definitely frowning at my monitor, and will likely do so for the next few minutes until I find a cute shark video.

    • I liked Up All Night, too! But from all the rumors about them making it multi-cam, having a live studio audience, losing Christina Applegate and everything else, this move is probably for the better.

    • No love for Whitney?! Honestly, I did not even know Whitney was still around until I heard that it was cancelled. I assumed that happened last season already.

      • No, it was brought back when Animal Practice was canceled, so I have a bone to pick with Whitney. I feel guilty being so happy her show got canceled because of the brunette writer sisterhood, but, woof, that show was bad and I’m glad it’s gone.

  2. I am that cat whenever I have to go to work. My thundershirt is pants.

  3. Hey, how about when you see that your cat is having troubles, instead of continuing to make him fall over onto a hard floor you DON’T FUCKING DO THAT?!

  4. This is a real Thundershirt:

  5. I was skeptical about finding a decent replacement for Layton and his moustache, but I really like Mulcair. I would feel better if he adopted a Laytonian moustache, however, but that’s why I’m not in charge of political campaigns I suppose. #CanadianGum

  6. I have no idea how a Thundershirt works but apparently my parents’ dog Jake is completely calm during storms when he wears it! I’ll just blame it on sorcery.

  7. A Thundershirt basically swaddles your pup (or cat) to make them feel secure and hugged in stressful situations. My dog is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks so he wears his for most of the summer. Not that we get a lot of thunderstorms (or any, really), but my asshole neighbors use fireworks all summer long. It works better for thunderstorms or car rides. Fireworks are just too scary. I have to dose him with dog xanax at about 5 p.m. on days I know the fireworks are coming. And then he still sits on my lap, shaking like a leaf — a very very sedated leaf — for the next 4 hours. His best friend runs into the bathroom and hides in the shower. Most of the summer I have paw-shaped bruises from the terror of fireworks.

    We’re just straight up skipping town for the Fourth this year and going to the ocean, ideally to a town near a bird preserve that has outlawed fireworks.

    But, basically, it is like a constant hug for your pup.

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