Too often we race through life, doing this and that, watching videos on the Internet, reading pieces of celebrities gossip, recapping television shows, without ever taken a moment to sit back and reflect on it — to sit back and watch those things we just experienced run forever back and forth in a short, continuous loop. That’s what this time is for. GIFS! GIFS, Y’ALL!

Zach Galifianakis hosted Saturday Night Live!

We had some question about Bradley Cooper’s ice cream commercial!

We found out which strangers were decided to be least trustworthy!

Robin Williams dissed Kim Kardashian!

We heard our new favorite song!

We learned the tragic story of the kiss cam breakup!

And, finally, we watched comedy on TV!

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  1. Can someone post a GIF that represents how long this afternoon is being, and how much I want to be outside, and how frustrated I am that Robert Kiyosaki is on the freaking cover of PW again, he is on there every other week, OTHER PEOPLE WRITE BOOKS, PW! GOD! (And I know that the cover of PW is basically paid advertizing space, BUT STILL).

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