A lot of people dislike exercise and avoid it at all costs because they don’t even know how to enjoy themselves. Exercise isn’t just about looking good it is also about feeling good, and what feels better than DANCING? (Sex, yes, and certain psychotropic drugs also, but mostly dancing.) FEEL THE BURN LOL JUST KIDDING THIS IS KIND OF EMBARRASSING BUT ALSO THIS GUY IS #WINNING LOL JUST KIDDING AGAIN BUT HE SEEMS LIKE HE’S HAVING FUN WHICH IS MORE THAN I COULD SAY ABOUT THE FOOTAGE OF MOST OF THE REST OF US ON SOME OLD TREADMILL SO THERE YOU GO.

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  1. I like that guy. I think he’s probably dizzy though. He was spinning around a lot.

  2. Fred Astairmaster. Justin Timbertreadmill. Ok nevermind.

  3. See what you’ve done, OK Go? SEE WHAT YOU HAVE UNLEASHED?!

  4. I’ve been running the 5k around prospect park a few times a week for a few years, but when I got my dog Goose, I decided it would be more fun for both of to just run like the dickens in any old direction we want though the park. It ended up being everything I remember loving about running around in the woods in Maine growing up. Turns out Goose is a party pooper. and doesn’t really like it, so now I walk him separately, and run willy-nilly around the park like DDL in last of the Mohicans, all by myself, and it’s a dang hoot.

  5. i was so worried he was going to fall. i’d just have to LEAVE THE GYM if i saw this happening there. it already brings up so much anxiety.

  6. What’s up, everyone else at the gym, you’re not even going to watch this guy dance for ONE SECOND?

  7. Is that Amanda Bynes?

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