While there are no accidents yet to report, and despite the unfortunate fact that this is a still image rather than a video (AM I RIGHT, FELLAS?!) Videogum would be remiss if it did not report on this important moment in Internet herstory, when a celeb and a trampoline came together on the set of Michael Bay’s live-action adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like, do we even know what we are doing by now? Are we professionals or what? Yes, we do know what we are doing, and yes we are professionals. #News #Trampolines #TrendingWorldwide #PleaseRT (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Hahahaha. This site is the absolute best.

  2. The singuhilarity is near.

  3. Is she supposed to be reporting on yoga in this scene? Why is she wearing that outfit with her mic in hand? Is it just that she is supposed to be ready for news to break out at any moment? I have so many questions for her if she’ll just answer one of my letters already!

  4. Megan Fox is April? :(

    • :( :( :( :( , MORE LIKE!!!! True story: My application essay for college was about how I identified greatly with April O’Neil and it was a great essay and I was so proud of it and the admissions officer wrote me an email that was like “Hey your essay was the best essay, U R so cool LOL!!!” and that’s how I got into college.

      If kids now write about how they’re like April O’Neil the admissions officers of the world will be like “Fucking great, another bimbo showing too much underbutt and vocal frying all over the place. Just what this campus needs. NOT!”

    • I wish they had just cast Mae Whitman, cause she voices April on the new cartoon.

  5. April O’Neil. More like April O’Squat.

  6. Did Michael Bay cast Riff Raff as goddamn Casey Jones or what?

    Oh my god, I have so many very strong negative emotions about this movie.

  7. I’m still not convinced that this movie is a real thing that is happening.

  8. She really puts the “tramp” in “trampoline” — amirite?

  9. I can’t stop looking at her injectible/fillers in her cheekbones. Long before she started becoming a plastic surgery casualty, she was remarkably pretty. Now she’s moving into Madam territory with those fake cheekbones.

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