Hmmm. That’s a little tough because I’ve never really thought about it before. I guess if I were going out of town and needed someone to apartment-sit I’d send an email to Patrick Stewart, or like Julie Delpy, Michelle Obama, or possibly Ben Kingsley. Solange Knowles would be someone I’d go to if I needed advice on something sensitive. As much as I’d like to, I don’t particularly trust Elizabeth Olsen — I’d only go to her if I were trying to get her to spill a secret that I didn’t want to spill myself. I do not trust Tobey Maguire. I would try never to rely on Jesse Eisenberg, but would fall into the trap sometimes and out of those times I think he would come through 30%. From Entertainment Tonight:

According to a “100 Most Trusted People in America” nationwide poll conducted by Reader’s Digest, Kristen Stewart is the least trusted movie star in America.

Reader’s Digest compiled a list of more than 200 American opinion shapers, leaders and headline makers from 15 highly influential professions and presented it to more than 1,000 Americans (a representative sample of adults living in the United States), asking them to rank each name on how trustworthy they thought each individual was. Trustworthiness was determined by “integrity and character, exceptional talent, drive to personal excellence, internal moral compass, message, honesty and leadership.”

According to their results, Stewart received the lowest trust score (24%) amongst all of the movie stars who made the list, despite her status as one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood.

And who’s the least trusted male star who made the list? Tom Cruise, who scored just 27 percent.

The most trusted celebrities were Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, uh-no doy, and Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep came in right behind them. Okay. Very cool poll! “Which celebrity has gotten negative attention for something somewhat recently, and would YOU trust them to not cheat on you, in what was possibly a for-promotional-purposes relationship anyway, but who are we to speculate, right before the final installment of your franchise was released?” “Which celebrity seems nice?” BUT ARE THEY YOUR MOST AND LEAST TRUSTED CELEBRITIES?! Let’s chat about it! Hopefully none the celebrities aren’t going to put together a list of most and least trusted normals because I don’t think publicly singling them out for seeming untrustworthy, even though we have never met them and will never have a reason to trust or not trust them with anything, would help our rankings!!!!!!

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  1. Getting America to trust him may be Tom Pranks most ambitious prank yet. Do not trust Tom Pranks.

  2. At first I was confused why Kristen Stewart was the least trusted when people like Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, or Lindsay Lohan exist. But then I realized that the three of them are indeed trustworthy in that you can always trust them to be garbage.

    My vote is on Bill Murray, who is the best, but definitely a major wild card. He would be that friend that you tell to meet you 30 min before you plan to meet because he is always at least half an hour late, if he shows up at all.

    • I was also confused as to why Kristen Stewart was on the list as she seems too bland and uncaring to be a backstabber. Then I saw that “exceptional talent” was on the list of criteria and it made a lot more sense. Of course, then I was confused as to why “exceptional talent” is listed as one of the criteria for trustworthiness, but I can’t really force myself to care enough about an arbitrary list of trustworthy celebrities to really puzzle it out.

    • I trust Kristen Stewart the most to not reveal a secret through facial expressions.

      • The Kristen Stewart lip biting face might be the most trustworthy celebrity in Hollywood. I can always rely on it to appear, no matter what scene she is in.

  3. Trust for what, though? Like should I lock my car around Tom Hanks? Probably not, I mean, he probably has a pretty nice car already. Or to like watch my pets while I’m out of town? Yeah, probably Tom Hanks should take care of my dog and cat. But then my dog really loved Bosom Buddies.

    • Once when my grandmother was visiting us, I faked sickness at the dinner table in order to go to my room and watch Bosom Buddies. Your dog has really good taste, is what I’m saying.

  4. I just love that this is done by Reader’s Digest, which is well-known for having its finger on the pulse of modern-day Hollywood. I’m surprise the results didn’t end with Lawrence Welk as most trustworthy. (Full disclosure, my mom gives me a subscription to RD every Christmas and I DO READ IT.)


    Alas, I would probably trust those recipes to help me achieve a 22-year-old stripper’s butt.

  6. Also which celebrity do I trust with my heart? Jennifer Lawrence, obv.

  7. I trust Jennifer Lawrence the most because she is a fellow member of the Loveable Though Awkward cCub. Tom Cruise, Trump, all Kardashians with the exception of Khloe, and the mighty Lohans are in my least trusted column. Lawrence Fishburne could go either way.

  8. I’d trust Alex Trebeck to host a trivia night (seems a pretty safe bet.) I wouldn’t trust Tracy Morgan at a dinner party because I feel like he’d put his balls on the table. I’d trust Oprah to recommend the best accountant, but I wouldn’t trust her to take my car for a spin because I know she doesn’t know how to pump gas. I’d trust Anthony Bourdain’s bar recommendations in any city, even if he just looked something up on yelp. I wouldn’t trust Guy Fieri’s recommendations for anything, but I would trust that anything he told me I could do the opposite and have a pretty good time.

  9. FYI the last time I went out of town I asked James Franco to pick up my mail, feed the dog, water the plants, etc. He did a great job.

    • I feel like he would definitely agree to this assignment and that he would see it as a kind of performance art. “Here I am, James Franco, getting someone else’s mail, watering someone else’s plant. This is great! What else was I supposed to do? Something about feeding a d– I know! I’ll paint a mural on their wall!”

  10. Based on absolutely no evidence, because I know neither of them, I would split with Kelly and Gabe. I would get Gabe to house-sit since he seems more meticulous and I would get Kelly to dog-sit since she seems like she would be better with pets.

    Monster-wise I would trust Littlebobbytales the most. I don’t know, she has an honest face. Facetaco I would probably trust the least. Not to say he’s a bad person, I just don’t want to come home to a hundred pictures of the Ice Cream baby.

    • Hmmm. I would definitely put absolute faith in garyspur. That guy’s great. Hotspur on the other hand, I wouldn’t let him water my outdoor plants during raining season in Seattle!

    • Your trust in my is humbling. Also, I am currently looking for a place to safeguard a great deal of money for my cousin, a Nigerian prince. If you would do us a favor and provide us with your bank details to hold the money, we can make it worth your while!

    • Yeah I would not Heisenberg because he’s a loose cannon.

      After him, I trust Facetaco the least to housesit in fear of him rearranging my furniture or hiding photos of Nicholas Cage where I’d least expect them. Who knows if I’d discover a fine layer of salsa between my sheets and comforter.

      I don’t know who would get my most trusted monster vote, but I accept bribes in the forms of funny gifs and/or baked goods.

  11. I don’t trust Benedict Cumberbatch. That name is clearly fake. What else are you hiding?!

  12. For me the standard test of celebrity opinion is whether you’d like to have lunch with that person. Basically you are evaluating whether or not you think a half hour with them would be pleasant or not, and whether they would be nice to you.

    Random Examples: Oliver Platt – Yes. Jude Law – No.

  13. Probably stretching the definition of celebrity to its breaking point, but my least trusted person would be anyone who is the unelected leader of their country and pays famous people to attend their bday parties. You just know that they own their own torture chamber.

  14. Is Terry Richardson considered a celebrity?

  15. My friend was/is in a moderately famous rock band. When she and my other friend left on vacation, they let their friend (also a rock music-making human) dog sit. As their pup was the most handsome dog in Los Angeles and the sitter’s band was wrapping up an album that week, they put him on the cover. My friend didn’t even know until some super fan of the band emailed to say… “Isn’t this your dog on the cover of this album??” to which all of us responded, “Why does this stranger know what your dog looks like?!” I moved to town a few months later and, obviously, became the go-to sitter.

  16. I really trust Steve Guttenberg for some weird reason.

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