• Vulture talked to New Girl’s production designer, Michael Whetstone. and prop master, Ben Lewis, about a few weird items found around the set. It’s a lot of fun! -Vulture
  • Adam Scott is going to replace John Cusack in the eventual sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Uh-oh. I’m sorry, should I have told you to sit down first? I hope you’re okay!!! -/Film 
  • The Office finale has been extended from 60 to 75 minutes. -Splitsider
  • This post on FilmDrunk begins: “I’m sure I’m violating at least six principles of journalism by posting an unverified story submitted by someone I don’t know–” Hahah. Nope! Sounds good! -FilmDrunk
  • Kristen Wiig is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend! Great! Watch her promos, if you want to! -NBC
  • Macaulay Culkin and Pete Doherty are living together in Paris, maybe. Be safe, guys! I’m worried about you both! -Dlisted
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  1. As much as I love John Cusack (so, so much you guys), Rob Corddry’s shitty attitude is really what made Hot Tub Time Machine, and as long as he’s in the sequel I will probably see it. “I’ve had lots of girlfriends. Hot ones.” “You’ve had lots of boyfriends. Gay ones.” is something that my friends and I say to each other on a pretty regular basis.

  2. Unrelated and I’m sure everyone got the e-mail this morning, but Bob’s Burgers Season 2 is on Netflix Streaming!!!!

  3. Oh great, now I have to sit through twelve 120-second Hulu.com commercial breaks to watch that Office series finale. Is it even worth it?!

    • I love how hulu has slowly been upping the length of commercials, until it essentially becomes cable.

      My roomie pays for hulu+ and, with the exception of Daria, I’m not really sure why it’s worth it.

  4. That story about Macaulay Culkin and Pete Doherty living together somehow even smells sad.

  5. Is Adam Scott going to play a different character or something? He’s a good 7 years younger than John Cusack…

    THAT being said I am glad there is a sequel coming up, HTTM is somehow one of my favorite comedies ever.

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