Kurt Braunohler has a new podcast over at The Nerdist called The K Ohle and, wouldn’t you know, our own Gabe Delahaye appears on the second episode! And it is a “PETophilia” style episode (there are going to be different kinds of episodes– you can figure out the podcast for yourself if you want to) during which they talk about animals and specifically Videogum mascot, Birdie! Perfect. What a TREAT. LOL. Like a dog treat! It pairs puuur-fectly (like a cat noise!) with the ten wonderful animal videos we have for you here today. Also it’s raining outside! Man, there is nothing better than a podcast and some animal videos when your feet are soaking wet and outside looks like gloomy piece of garbage. Right? Hahah. Not even a sunny day is better than that! Give me rain and garbage and podcasts and animal videos forever, God! Bury me underneath the rain and wet soil in a wi-fi hotspot and LEAVE ME ALONE! NOW LET’S WATCH SOME ANIMAL VIDEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!

10. Cat Loves Concrete Floor

9. Lemurs Go Meow

8. Dog Vs. Lizard

7. Sleepy Kitten

6. Bulldog Tries To Jump

5. Cat Trap

4. How to Tie a Bow Tie With Birdie (!!) the Dog

3. Baby Sloth Eating An Almond Leaf

2. Sea Otter Cleanup

1. Baby Gorilla Cuddling

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, GORILLAS?! Too cute. ARE YOU KIDDING ME SEA OTTER?! Too cute. ARE YOU KIDDING ME BABY SLOTH EATING A LEAF?!?! Too cute. Now the next video, tying a bow tie on a dog, might not be everyone’s favorite but I and the math computer that puts together this list every week found it to be very charming and were totally into it. Cat trap is just super dumb and the best. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS (US)!

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  1. They should show that bulldog jumping video when they have classes on “dramatic tension”

    That dog vs. lizard video looked awfully familiar, though…

  2. those kitty feet?!?!?!?

  3. If it is warm outside this weekend, I may go to the ocean. If I happen to befriend and bring home an otter, well that is just how the rules of the sea work.

  4. how koko put sexy and i no it song on otter video?

  5. I think I’ve said this story before on this same column before, but what the heck. When I was a kid my dad had birds of prey that he would keep in the backyard. He used to tell me that he caught them with the same method used to catch that cat from #5. My mom would then be waiting with a burlap sack for him to grab them by the feet. I believed him right up until a few years ago when he finally confessed that he got them from a bird of prey dealer. He also just confessed to my mom that the time he “took me fishing” he just took me to buy a ridiculous amount of fishing gear, drove around looking for a place to fish, then went to the live fish market and bought bass that sat in our freezer for months. The picture of us holding our fish (my dad holding his up by the head with the tails up) is still hanging in my parents living room.

    • My mom tells me spoilers that are fake endings to movies so I can get all angry at her then super confused at the end. Apparently the little Asian kid doesn’t get smushed by the giant round boulder in Temple of Doom.

    • More Chris Trash insane animal stories from his childhood PLZ!!!

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