You cannot get two steps into the Internet today without seeing images from last night’s Met Gala. You can’t even get two steps into Videogum without seeing an image from it, but I guess that’s just life when you’re living post-Gala! It’s the Met Gala’s world and we are just living in it, critiquing the dresses as if we know god damn anything about any of it. But one image stands out among the rest from the evening, and that is because that image is an animated GIF, and that GIF is this JENNIFER LAWRENCE PHOTOBOMB GIF! Wonderful, wonderful GIF. One thing is missing, though, obviously, and that thing is a caption. What is Marion Cotillard thinking?!?!?! Or Lena Dunham? Or Sarah Jessica Parker? Or Jennifer Lawrence? Or any of the NOBODIES?! Plz tell me.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (GIF via Vulture.)

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  1. Why so serious?

  2. May my favors be ever at her oddity.

  3. Knock knock.

    Who’s there?

    Photobombing Jennifer Lawrence.

    Photobombing Jen –

  4. She’s just saying Hi to the little squirrel that lives in SJP’s headpiece.

    “Haaay squirrelfriend!”

  5. Look, I am a big supporter of Sarah Jessica Parker. But for a woman who is constantly being called a “horse face” I think she should have gone with a hat that was a liiiiiiitle bit less like a horse mane.

  6. I have to say, god bless Sarah Jessica Parker. Mostly everybody at this thing completely ignored the theme or went with really lame, half-assed nods to “punk” like wearing black eye makeup or putting a studded jacket on over a pretty dress. While SJP didn’t really look punk either, I salute her for at least not being afraid to look nuts.

    • The theme of a MET gala was PUNK?? Sorry to not be up to speed, and especially as a NYer…but jesus, what could be more ridiculous? Rich and famous celebrities, come to one of the most well endowed museums in the world (or who knows) and lets celebrate punk culture- eat the rich! I mean, eat the rich, delicious truffles our man servants will bring to you on golden trays!

  7. “Ceci ne’st pas un photobomb” —Marion Cotillard

  8. This was not a Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, or Charlotte thing to do.

  9. Leaked footage from the new crossover movie Sexy Hunger Games in the City.

  10. “She’s so goofy and down-to-earth; Jennifer’s the best! I wish I were (friends with) her…” – Marion, Lena, me

  11. Winter’s Photobomb

  12. Silver Linings Photobomb Book

    good one right i am very good at this.

  13. Sarah Jessica Parker needs to give her hair back to Patty Labelle. kthx

  14. I couldn’t think of anything other than “Man, she’s cool.”

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