• The cast of The Office held a wrap party in Scranton, PA this past weekend! MY HOMETOWN! Splitsider went and reported on the festivities. -Splitsider
  • Speaking of, it looks like someone IS going to something for the spoiler! -TVLine
  • People are going nuts about this New Girl autotune, but I won’t lie to you: It is still an autotune and it is still kind of a nightmare. The BEST version of a nightmare you can have, definitely, but ur still gonna wake up grinding ur teeth. -Fox
  • Man, this short video showing what pops up in the google search bar when you type in different ages is really something! Really something crushing! -Co.Design
  • I haven’t started watching Game of Thrones yet, but over at Gawker they’re asking what I assume would be an important question to me if I had started watching: What is going on with the accents? -Gawker
  • Have you read Piers Morgan’s interview with Lindsay Lohan? Eek. -DailyMail
  • Esquire asked a bunch of comedians, including Chris Gethard, Tig Notaro, Julie Klausner, etc., what their late night talk show would be like, if they were to host a late night talk show. It’s fun! -Esquire
  • Happy wedding, Sugar Bear and Mama June! -Dlisted
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  1. I’m just going to go back to pretending the Honey Boo Boos don’t exist again, okay? Just gonna pretend that they’re not getting rich off of what is basically child abuse, under the condition that they have to continue pretending like they’re NOT rich in order to keep up the charade, which probably isn’t a charade that they SHOULD keep up, since it makes life worse for almost everybody involved.

  2. Max Read is my favorite Internet writer that is not Kelly or Gabe. If you haven’t read his Illuminati stuff, you are missing out. Also: drunk shopping. Ooh and his wine selector from around this time is great too.

    LOL. Very funny. 5 laughs, would laugh again.

    • drunk shopping is amazeballs. And also an apt description. I used to buy records drunk, then moved on to concert tickets. The problem with concert tickets is I would forget about them and buy tickets to the same concert the next weekend. I am terrible.

      but yes, Max Read seems very funny.

      • I would do that with shoes on Zappos. “Surprise! Mystery shoe!” was the term my friends and I would use. At least we targeted our drunk shopping to places with free returns. I just got not-surprise shoes in the mail and cut my hand on the box while opening it so I guess I have to keep them as I’m pretty sure blood on a shoe is worse than wearing them outside.

        • Why would you buy ANYTHING from Zappos? Them’s is INSANELY overpriced!

          • Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent selection of lady shoes that you can sort by color, size, etc.? I just did recon last week at a department store to see how a pair fit only to learn they didn’t have them in the color and size I wanted AND I got abandoned by the salesperson, so I ended up back online. Plus free shipping. I’ll pay $10 more to avoid the hassle of physically hunting down what I’m looking for (especially when I’m looking for it… as that is when I never ever ever find things) than driving around a city forever.

            To be fair, I do a search on on the shoe I want to get the cheapest price with free shipping and returns… but lady shoe shopping is the WORST.

  3. I finished my papers today! I am free!!

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