Gabe isn’t here today, so you’re stuck with me to talk about the trailers this week! Luckily there are very few, and we really wouldn’t even be talking about them at all if the trailer for Kristen Wiig’s Girl Most Likely hadn’t just come out, so we should both be able to deal with. Before I begin: What is a trailer? It’s a short movie, right? Like one thing I always wondered about trailers was, like, why do they always remake them as long films? It just seems like a such a waste. I’m always thinking, guys, we already have the trailer! Leave it alone! Would you ask Hemmingway to write a full-length version of “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”? I don’t think so!!!!!!! Anyway, now that that’s settled, here we go!

Girl Most Likely

The thing about being white is that it NEVER gets easy. Hahah. That is honestly just something that I felt obligated to say, now we can move on: This looks like something that I definitely want to see! It’s like a Noah Baumbach movie that is, thank god, not directed by Noah Baumbach. (Not that I don’t like Noah Baumbach, because I do definitely like Noah Baumbach, but we only need a certain number of Greenbergs and that number is actually 0, but I do feel like I’m muddying my point so I’m going to stop.) Good movie, maybe! Mark this one as a “will see.”

Violet & Daisy

Is Rory supposed to be younger in this movie than she was in Gilmore Girls? She was already like ten years younger than she actually was when she was in Gilmore Girls! Whatever. She still looks very young, her eyes are still very blue, this movie does not look like it is going to be great but I will for sure see it when it is available instantly at my home.

Prince Avalanche

Ummmmmmmmm. I think so? I think yes. Hard to say, but I think yes.

Star Trek Into Darkness: 3D Trailer

Just wanted to include this one because it was in 3D. CAN’T WAIT!

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  1. Whoa, “Girl Most Likely” looks great. Rom-com conventions, parent-offspring bonding, facile take on depression—it’s hitting all the right notes!

    • Yeah, what is it with pseudo-indie comedies all taking the same “LOL depression” tone?

      • Oh cut them a break. I mean, first you couldn’t make fun of black people, then you couldn’t make fun of women, then you couldn’t make fun of the mentally challenged.* Who’s going to be left to mock and exclude?!

        *Just kidding, not everyone has learned any of this yet.

      • Somehow I think Kirstin Wiig brings that to everything, even if it wasn’t there before. Obviously it was there to a degree in the script, but when she’s not overacting with broad cartoonish gestures… she has this super deep seeded sadness in her voice and expressions that comes out in all of her screen characters and a lot of her SNL ones (the overly desperate over the hill Broadway actress on a game show comes to mind). Every movie that I’ve seen her in — even that silly roller derby one — has a weird darkness to it that is supposed to be played for funny for awkward laughs???? but just doesn’t sit well. And now it almost feels redundant.

        Also, I think Annette Benning was trying to be an Alison Janney character…so that also makes this a strange-seeming thing.

        • I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but I’m just not a fan of Kristen Wiig. I’m basing this mostly on Bridesmaids, this trailer, and any award show where she has been a presenter. I really don’t ever watch SNL, but the clips of her that I’ve seen just annoy me.

          Her performances don’t feel genuine to me, whether she is acting funny or serious. Sorry, Kristen Wiig and Kristen Wiig fans, but I just don’t get what the fuss is about.

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  2. I watched these without sound, so my opinion is ill-informed. But Prince Avalanche makes me want to reread Danny Champion of the World.

  3. Emile Hirsch is starting to look like a younger Jack Black

  4. Every time I see mention of Violet and Daisy on the webz, I misread it as “Violet and Claire” and get trapped in a well of nostalgia for how me and my junior high friends worshiped Francesca Lia Block. When you live in depressed, cement nightmare metro Detroit towns, ridiculous prose fairy tales set in California are just about the most glamorous things in the world. And I bet adapting Weetzie Bat would make for a better movie than Suckerpunch/Hit Girl/ Hannah/ Kill Bill/ Whatever this is. End thirteen year old me rant.

  5. I once saw Rory Gilmore in person in a restaurant and her eyes really are strikingly blue. Like, I didn’t recognize her at first. All I saw were those eyes and I was all, “whoa.”

  6. I saw Prince Avalanche at Tribeca Film Festival, and I didn’t really like it. At least half of it is shaky cam, and the other half is shots of random ants, trees, and Paul Rudd’s mustache. I was looking forward to a comedy after the super depressing documentary Bridgroom that I watched earlier in the week, and there were a few funny moments but it wasn’t what I expected.

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