How was your day today? Pretty good, it was nice out today but still not as warm as you’d like it to be, not that you’re complaining too much, and you’re going to go see an apartment later because you’re moving soon and you’re nervous but also excited? About the move, you mean? Seeing the apartment is probably going to be fine? Wow, same! Totally same. What a fine day we’re having. And for fans of Mr. Rogers, this day just got a little bit more BEAUTIFUL! (IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!) (UGH, I’M SORRY!) From Deadline:

The sweater wearing children’s TV icon Fred Rogers is the subject of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, an Alexis Jolly spec script that has sold to Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen’s Treehouse Pictures. Nappi and Turen will produce with Treehouse’s Juliet Berman co-producing.

Specific details on the storyline are being kept under wraps. Jolly has been a staff writer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and pitched the idea to his APA agents, who helped it find a home at Treehouse.

That sounds nice! I bet this will be a very nice movie. Who should play Mr. Rogers, though, do you think? Bryan Cranston? Aaron Paul? I can’t think of anyone else who would really FIT, even though I’m trying. Ummmm. Ok, well I guess maybe Giancarlo Esposito? Not sure. What do you think? And more importantly, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?

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  1. I don’t know why, but the thought of Michael Shannon as Mr. Rogers makes me giggle uncontrollably

  2. I will not be watching this movie. There are two options:

    1) Mr. Rogers is celebrated for being the best, which he definitely was, but that doesn’t sound as if it will make for a particularly gripping movie, or

    2) They try to make him out as having some sort of dark side, in which case, I WANT NONE OF THIS.

    It should be Colin Hanks, though, for reals.

    • Spot on. Where’s the conflict? “There once was a very kind and warm man who wanted to make the world a little friendlier. Then he died, like we all will do one day.”

      What I’d love to see is an abnormal-day-in-the-life type quasi-nonfictional story set during the filming of a single episode. Mr. Rogers would almost be a supporting character and act as this angelic moral center for all the crazy goings-on happening around him while he tries to retain his code of not being a dick. That’s the only way I can see something like this being interesting, if for the whole film, everyone is an asshole to everyone else and the conflict comes from Mr. Rogers trying facilitate some calm arbitration that seems increasingly futile. Maybe the climax is him breaking down and slightly raising his voice in a thematically relevant monologue. It would be satisfying for audiences but a rare moment of weakness for the Mr. Rogers character.

      That, combined with the incidental presence of a bunch of puppets and toys and kooky characters would be fun. A straight-up biopic sounds less interesting than waiting two hours in line to watch paint dry for two hours.

      • Also, cardigans. Tons of cardigans and slippers. You could use the cardigans as some sort of bookend. Someone hangs up his cardigan in wardrobe and the focus is on the cardigan as Mr. Rogers walks down the hall to the exit, increasingly out of focus until he dissolves with the background and disappears into the elevator doors.

        • I hate saying this, but some nice American-made company like Pendleton or that man clothes company in NYC — Freeman’s? — should do a cardigan line to go with this movie the way Banana Republic does for Mad Men and other stuff.

          • Oh FUCK Banana Republic’s Mad Men line. The only time I have EVER been in a Banana Republic is because I saw a sign and I want to look like Don Draper. That shit they sold was all Bert Cooper!

      • This sounds a lot like a tame episode of Dexter.

  3. I missed last week’s because I was staying in my brand new house for the very first time and didn’t have internet yet!! My day last week was beyond excellent. Met a couple neighbours (one is about a zillion years old and has an ancient golden retriever with arthritis that he CARRIES AROUND THE BLOCK TWICE A DAY BECAUSE IT CAN’T GO FOR WALKS ANYMORE!!!!!!!) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), went camping, fixed some stuff around the house, and then came back to Montreal for my last month in this city.

    Today, my day is also pretty good. It’s gorgeous out, I finally gave my notice to work yesterday and much to my surprise the folks from head office in Toronto showed up today to take me to lunch and tell me how much they’ve appreciated me (which is lovely, but maybe you could have shown that appreciation a bit earlier? and also by giving me a raise?) which was great because I love free food and they were very sweet and it was super unexpected.

  4. To be honest, my day was kind of lousy, which fits into the theme of the week I’m having. But then about 30 minutes ago, I realized that the fact that Mrs. Taco and Facetaquito are going out of town next week means that I am free to stop on the way home for a pie, and eat the entire thing while watching TV without pants on. That made my day a lot better.

    • And now someone pointed out that people who are graduating high school this year are the same age as Windows 95, so I am back to freakin’ out over here.

  5. This morning on the bus I saw a lady wearing a shirt that had smiling cheeseburger and fries holding hands and it said “Besties”. So my day basically ended up being pretty awesome.

  6. I planted flowers out front. AND they finally put the awnings back up!!!!! :)
    I’m ready for summer now. Bring it on.

    • There’s an awning store near my house that does not have an awning. That really bugs me. You got no faith in your product, awning store owner!

      • You should tell them! Maybe they’ll reward your help with some free awnings.

        • That never works out. When I told the people at the candy store that they spelled caramel wrong, they just shrugged. I wanted free candy for my good deed!

      • There used to be an awning store near my house, but now it’s brewery that was just named the best new brewery in the world by Ratebeer. So my advice to is move close to an awning store in hopes that it may one day become a really great brewery.

  7. Well, my dad was going to trade in his car for a new one, but decided to give it to me and my wife, since our family will be getting bigger in August. So now I’m part of that weird substrata of New Yorkers with cars. Also, I was cleaning out the 2nd bedroom as part of an ongoing conversion to a nursery and found an old coin collection that was given to me years ago, so I cashed it in for $460 bucks.

    So a 10 year old used car and just under $500. It’s like I just won big on the world’s most mediocre game show.

  8. My work situation is out of control and every day I have to lie to myself and say that it’s not going to be so bad, or else I would never leave my house. This is a self-portrait Blingee representing my pain:

    But other than work things are ok! It’s actually been quite nice outside this week, and I celebrated by wearing a pretty dress yesterday and I felt like a million bucks. Also I have be de-stressing by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for the past week, and I am now totally addicted. I can’t believe I waited this long to watch it!

  9. A lot better than yesterday, when I was still in a stupor from the quadruple disappointments of the hated Ducks and Blackhawks winning, the Angels losing, and the Kings choking in epic fashion. Even as a sports nut I can generally put those emotions away after about 15 minutes, but all of that together in combination with some shaky vibes from a personal situation (otherwise known as girl problems) made for kind of a crappy Wednesday. But hey, it’s a new day, right? But if the Kings lose again tonight, it’s gonna be a pretty drinky Friday.

    just kidding, it’s a gonna be a pretty drinky Friday either way.

  10. so, my dumb band recently started working with a publicist on a month-to-month basis. when we first met with her to see if we wanted to work with her, we voiced concerns that there would be slow months where we wouldn’t see results and would essentially be paying her for nothing, but she assured us that wouldn’t happen, and for first few months she did get us a good bit of press. but now, we’re playing in la for the first time this weekend, and she was supposed to be contacting blogs or whatever to promote it, but we hadn’t heard anything from her in a while. then we got an email saying she had taken another job and was abruptly quitting, and the head of the firm (who is based in new york and not san francisco) would be taking over our representation. then we got an email from the head saying that the other woman had not only basically abandoned all her campaigns while looking for another job, but had been secretly overcharging us the whole time and pocketing the extra money! THE WORLD REALLY IS A VAMPIRE, YOU GUYS.

    • Well that stinks. She’s a thief!

    • GAH DISLIKE DISLIKE :( But break some legs in LA!

    • Where are you guys playing in LA?

      • lot 613 for the pancakes & booze art show, which i’m told is like, a “thing” in la? have any la monsters heard of it? our guitarist is really excited about it like it’s a really big deal, but i tend to have more of a “no club that would have us as a member” sort of attitude about it because i have the correct amount of self-esteem.

        • I’ve personally never heard of it, but it can be hard keeping up with all the downtown hipster art parties. I do know that place is about a block from the studio my band rehearses at, and it’s one of the least welcoming parts of town. Lets just say if you and your bandmates are way into crack, it will be readily available outside the venue. But playing parties like that is probably 1 million times better than playing at any regular club in town, which is generally the worst.

    • That sucks! Will they give you your money back?

      • yeah, it looks like everything’s gonna turn out okay. the new publicist was very apologetic and determined to make everything up to us. she’s giving us a few months service for free and already refunded most of our money. we’re all just kinda laughing about it more than anything. it’s like, basically all our collective fears of someone preying on our naïveté have already happened now with this one lady (who apparently is a legit crazy person, as in “has a history of mental illness”), so now we have nowhere to go but up. (right??)

  11. I’ve had a pretty great day today. I finally made some headway on a project I’ve been working on for the past week, I ate a delicious sandwich (chicken, sun-dried tomato pesto, parmesan, olive spread, scallions) and it was a beautiful day and I got to go for a run in the park.

    On another note, I already posted this on Twitter, but I figured I’d share it again:

    My cousin teaches AP Calculus at a school in Oakland. This is the first year they’ve had the class, and next week they’re taking the AP for the first time in school history! So he’s basically Edward James Olmos. Anyway, the kids are understandably a bit nervous so my cousin sent an email to the family asking for them to make a short (10-15 second) video wishing them luck or other inspirational message. I figured it would be great to spread the love as far as possible, so I’m trying to spread the message. It would be so great if any of you can participate. All you have to do is make a brief video with your name, what you do, where you are, and a quick message (e.g. “Hi! I’m Lawblog. I make comments on a pop culture blog in New York. Good luck on your test ! You’re gonna rock it!”) (also probably use your real name). Then send it to AGSCPAcalculus [at] gmail [dot] com ! If you can’t send a video, even a written message would be great. The more the better!

  12. San Franciscans lose their shit when the temperature drops below 60 or goes above 75. Today it hit the mid 80s, so i have a post-it by my monitor to remind myself to put my shorts back on before walking the dog in a few minutes.

  13. My day was pretty great until 45 minutes ago when I got a terrible headache. But I also registered for a nerdy convention here in July, and my name for the weekend is going to be a very esoteric reference to a cult tv show that’s been off the air for 10+ years, so I have a chance to be the reigning monarch of all nerddom. That’s pretty exciting. Also, I think I might make pudding tonight. Mmmm, pudding.

  14. My 11 year old cat needs teeth removing surgery that will run me 750 on top of her vet visits. On top of that I have to buy her expensive food because her stomach is super sensitive (term via WebMD). I thought about placing her in “care” for like 1 10000th of a second but then I resolved to stop buying 12$ beer every day instead. Hashtag: responsible pet ownership. Hashtag: hello, bud light.

    Here’s a picture of Canela enjoying the warm weather.

  15. Justin Timberlake.

  16. Today’s going about as fine as a workday possibly can. My boss is gone so I’m mostly just reading things on the internet, which I haven’t really been able to do for the past 3 (very busy) months. The weather is FANTASTIC though, and I wish I were outside. My brother is on his way down so we can go to our other brother’s bachelor party in Palm Springs this weekend. Should be fun. Semi-related side note: my mom woke me up the other day with a phone call and proceeded to yell at me because brother A accused brother B & I of trying to sabotage his wedding by buying slightly darker gray suits than the rest of the wedding party. Yikes. Have to re-sign our lease tonight which will take a while becuase our landlord is a looooooooooong talker. Yikes again.

  17. I’ve had a busy couple weeks, and have been missing out on a lot of Videogum. I get to catch my breath for a few days now before heading to New York/DC, where I’m hoping to catch some monsters!

    Today I spent almost two hours at the vet, trying to figure out why my voracious dog is suddenly very picky about his food. The only food he’s really enjoyed in the last couple weeks is this canned food that costs over $2.50 per can. He needs two cans a day. Ffffffuuuuuuu… He’s also limping again. OH DUKE. YOU ARE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS WHY DO I EVEN…

    Oh, right.

    • Have you tried making your own food? That’s what my parents do for their dog (started out as a recommendation from the vet when our other dog had cancer). Generally we feed him a mix of meat, sweet potatoes, rice, carrots, and other veg. They’ll make up a huge batch of it at once, and then freeze it in tupperwares that each hold a few servings. Since you’re not getting the fancy cuts of meat (lots of butchers will sell meat specially labelled as dog food – it’s usually the weird shapes and tough cuts all ground up), it’s quite inexpensive.

      • My dad does this for his dog who is allergic to everything under the sun. It’s helped quite a bit, and once you get into a routine, it’s not that bad!

      • It might have to come to this…but like, I don’t even cook for myself.

      • We did this for our 17 year old who had pretty bad kidneys, it was easy to eat and she loved it. We did chicken breasts, brown rice, and mixed veggies, and boiled and then roughly blended. It made her poops shiiiiine.

  18. I’m starting to read Steph’s novel tonight.

    Also, OG monster, Clove had a pretty good Vine

  19. I intended to spend this week catching up on Archer, but my internet has been Shitty McShitstein. So instead, I started playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, and, at the behest of Stephen Colbert and my high school English teacher, finally read The Great Gatsby. I enjoyed it, and it really enhanced my distaste for the soundtrack Kelly linked to earlier today.

  20. I procrastinated preparing a one-hour seminar until 1.5 hours before it began, but it turned out wonderfully and everyone seemed to enjoy my presentation!

    Two days ago was even better, because Steph Cha had her book reading in LA and she was so charming and great! Plus a few other monsters showed up and we had a real “The Californians” moment as everyone tried to help me figure out how to get home from Los Feliz. I love hanging out with you guys IRL.

    Anyhow, buy Steph’s book!

    • THANK YOU. And thanks to hotspur and amy wins again and lurker Adam for coming out!

      I will add to this thread that Tuesday was my official launch event at my favorite bookstore, and it was one of the happiest days of my life. The turnout was much better than I’d even hoped for, and I had enough practice/beer that the reading part went okay. Duke wore a bow tie and got lots of pets. I signed a book for a man who read my book because I have the same name as his daughter.

      • Steph, you went to Yale?! I am spying on your book (actually seeing if it’s available in a store near me, but also reading the words on the pages).

        • I did. I also DID NOT write my author bio. However, since my bio is actually “went to school, wrote this book you’re holding,” I understand why my publisher dropped the big names.

          • I have to go get an airplane book soon. I was GOING to go with Nos4a2, but you just jumped to the top of my list! And if you’re lucky, and I like it, maybe I’ll let you write the foreword for the book I keep telling myself I’m going to write one day.

          • Thank you facetaco! I hope you like it and I can say that I have a 100% approval rating among tacos.

          • i hope they at least let you use your vgum avatar as your author photo.

  21. I signed the lease for a new apartment today! Things this apartment has that my old one does not:

    1) A buzzer
    2) A doorknob on the front door
    3) Even floors
    4) A bathroom ceiling that is fully intact
    5) More than one square foot of counter space in the kitchen
    6) A microwave
    7) More than four sets of outlets in the entire place
    8) More than one closet
    9) A landlord/super that gives a shit

    So basically I am so excited about this and it is in a great neighborhood and I have been looking for an apartment for months and this one is pretty much perfect so I am extremely happy today.

    • Yay! It sounds perfect. I hope Kelly has such luck in her search.

    • Yay! Those are all great things! My first apartment only had one fuse for the whole place. I learned that when I tried to microwave a burrito the first night and all the lights went out. Then I learned that the aforementioned fuse was located in the basement, which I had to access from the street and didn’t have a key. So that’s how i got to meet my neighbors. By knocking on their doors and going “Heeeeellllp! I need a key!” What neighborhood are you moving to? #stalking

      • That sounds both awful and pretty typical of first apartments in New York. I am moving to the Upper East Side, which works well for me since its relatively affordable and I have a few friends within walking distance.

        • My first apt in Montreal was actually surprisingly awesome, except for one of the roommates, but my second apartment was a nightmare. It was old an unmaintained, the building was falling over so much that you couldn’t put anything with wheels on the floor or it would all fall to one side of the apt, and right before we moved we opened the balcony door and couldn’t get it shut again because the door frame had shifted from the lean of the building. The only plus was that we were on the “high” side, so when it rained all the water coming in through the leaky roof went into the neighbour’s place and we stayed relatively dry. There were also rats because there was a Serbian deli on the main floor (which was the other plus of the place, really), and when we finally threatened to go to the Regis de Logement the landlord gave us mouse traps so they would catch them but weren’t strong enough to kill them. We’d hear the snap in the middle of the night and rock paper scissors for who had to go kill it. Also, there were no closets or shelves, only one kitchen cupboard, and the bathtub was one of those sit-down ones for geriatrics, but without the door so you almost broke your neck climbing over the side and it was super awkward to clean. And the stairs leading to our balcony went to a back alley, and when we asked the landlord for a motion sensor light because homeless people started hanging out on our balcony at night and the screen had already been cut and repaired with DUCT TAPE, he said we should just keep our recycling at the bottom of the stairs so they didn’t have to come up to scavenge the bottles (???)

          • That place sounds more haunted than your current place.

          • Oh man, that sounds like a complete nightmare. I would have gone insane living in something like that. I admire your ability to tolerate shit. My now former apartment is very worn down and ancient, but there aren’t homeless people hanging out on my balcony or rats or anything like that. But ok, now I want to share the extent of the nonsense that went on in this apartment I am moving out of. When I moved in, the place had not been repainted or cleaned, and it never was, so there are just random stains on the walls and paint peeling everywhere. The floors are so uneven that my furniture is essentially positioned in the only places it can go without everything being horribly off balance (the amount of propping up I had to do to level the shelf that my record player is on is comical). Also when I moved in the counter was missing in the kitchen – the cabinet where there was supposed to be a counter was just open and you could see right into the top drawer. It took my landlord a month to actually do anything about it after my complaining numerous times, and when he did he used the cheapest materials possible and the counter did not match the counter surrounding my sink, which just looks very dumb. He also took a month to fix the toilet paper holder and towel rack in the bathroom, and when he did he used the cheapest materials and both have since fallen off the wall again. ALSO there was like the bare minimum heat for survival after around the middle of February. I left my radiator all the way open at all times and it would still be so cold in my apartment that I would be shivering if not under the comforter in my bed with a sweater on. I have a feeling I am going to burst into fits of laughter on occasion at how much of an upgrade this new apartment is going to be.

  22. today has been a real mixed bag. mr truck left today and will be gone all weekend so that’s fun for the first night (woo i get to watch movies he doesn’t want to see!) it’s very lame after that. I bought my cat a new bed – a “cat cave” – and assumed I would have to spray it with catnip to get him to like it, but I set it down next to him and he IMMEDIATELY got into it. all week I haven’t really felt well…nothing I can pinpoint just general “don’t feel like myself” and I’ve got a dr appt next week so maybe I can figure it out. so i’m excited about this weekend but also just tired and in need of catching up.

  23. Today is good. I made some really important steps on my schoolwork – I had sort of fallen behind in the last few weeks, and I think I’m on my way out of the hole. Though the next few days will be rough.

    And the Habs play tonight! Aka, the Playoffs have now actually begun. Le bleu blanc et rouge!!!

  24. My week has been kind of sucky as I’m finishing up for the semester. I had two presentations this week and I think they went well, but I didn’t get a lot of feedback which either means I’m great or I’m so stupid I stunned them into silence. But I finished one paper today, and have 1/4 of the other one written (should finish on Sunday) and then I’m free from academic hell for the summer!

    On the plus side, we were able to renegotiate our rent, so we don’t have to move this summer! Yay!

  25. Pretty baller last 24 hours. Last night I met up with one of my former students who just moved back to Boston, and she’s pretty much my favorite person. Like, I hadn’t seen her/talked to her except to arrange this for so many years, and right when I saw her, we hugged and just did not stop talking for the rest of the evening. It took us half an hour to order our dinner because we were chatting non-stop, and probably very loudly. FRIENDS!
    Today I wore my favorite skirt for the first time this season. It’s from the GAP and ten years old, and I got complimented on it. STILL GOT IT!! Then I just got back from the grocery store where I snagged the last box of Better Cheddars, and I overheard one of the ladies stocking the shelves singing along to “I’m Every Woman” to herself. Also, the girl who bagged my groceries noticed I had purchased two things of mushrooms and was like, ‘Whoa, you really like mushrooms.’ Yes I do, can’t wait to eat them.

  26. My biggest accomplishment today was finding the alternate ending to Howling Dogs ( (PLAY IT GUYS IT’S TEXT BASED SO YOU CAN EVEN DO IT AT WORK LIKE ME). It took more hints than it should have but I appreciate the game even more than I did before, which is no easy feat.
    Also it’s sunny! I ate lunch outside in the shade comfortably! What!

    • Oh, and out of nowhere I started rewatching old Queer As Folk episodes and hooo boy that show just gets even more terrible+amazing with time

      • The American version or the British version?! My friend and I both re-watched the series recently and we have had some VERY heated discussions about whether or not the ending was correct.

        • The American one – to be honest I barely remember what happened at the end, I was still a baby gay at the time and hating it at the same I marathon-watched the whole thing. I tried the British one later and it just felt really weird so I stopped

          • yeah, I’ve watched like two episodes of the British version and British Brian is not nearly hot enough to pull off the shenanigans he does. But the American one is great (also terrible, but still great)

    • I haven’t played this, but HOLY MOLY I LOVE ME SOME IF GAMES. Varicella is the all-time best.

      • I’m only just getting into them because of this author – all the ones I’ve played by her are great (even the Ke$ha fanfic one??)

        • I will have to check her out. To be honest, I haven’t been keeping up in the last few years. But you accidentally stumbled across what is basically my secret geek obsession (secret to the point that even my wife does not know about it). So I have recommendations! Check out 9:05, it’s a great game by Adam Cadre, very short and very fun.

          • Wow, now I feel like I need to save this information for future blackmailing, or something…

            …anyways, Porpentine’s stuff is more CYOA than text-parsing IF…I’ve only played one actual IF game so far, which was Counterfeit Monkey by Emily Short, which was Very Good and Quite Clever (official review).

          • Oh, it’s nothing that I intentionally hide, but I like to pull out some IF when I have nothing better to do, and that usually only happens when my wife is out of town, or at least out of the house.

            Emily Short did Galatea, which was interesting. She’s good, but she’s no Adam Cadre.

  27. my day was pretty GOOD (i just had an interview for an internship at GOOD)

  28. I just got a raised planter thingy AND dirt.

    I live big. I really do.

  29. I am a massive Rolling Stones fan, so was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to check them out at the Staples Center tomorrow night (the opening of their “50 and Counting” Tour). But! They just released a block of $85 mystery tickets (you have to buy them as a pair; and you don’t know where you’ll be sitting until you get to the venue and are escorted to your seat — could be absolutely anywhere, including the pit) and I managed to snag a pair and now I am going to see the Stones tomorrow so yeah, it has been a great day.

    Also, work was fine.

  30. Slow day in Ice Cream land which is kind of nice because it’s been bananas lately. I feel like i might not fully be awake at all today despite all the coffee. I have eaten healthy for four days in a row and I started doing crossfit last week and I’ve actually been attending 3x a week, I like all of it BUT the running. I showed my guy friend how to check his car oil which was a nice to feel smart for one second. Also its going to be 80 this weekend so i plan on sitting in my newly purchased kiddie pool with a cocktail in hand.

  31. Today has been good, minus the fact that a lady started a conversation with me by asking if I was pregnant. When I told her I wasn’t, instead of apologizing, she just went on asking her question without acknowledging it. It was strange. I finally decided to get a smart phone, and it is very nifty. And a coworker made chocolate chip muffins! Free food at work is the best!

    I had a small school group tour at work yesterday, and they were just the most adorable and polite children. When I asked them how they were, and they said in unison, “Good! How are you?” It was a little bit creepy, but more adorable than anything. They were so excited about everything the library does, and just so sweet! A girl asked when they were leaving if she could have her birthday party at the library. Sometimes my job is just great!

    • I would LOVE to have my birthday party at the library. I wouldn’t have to talk to people and I could read as much as I want!

  32. I have been very very bored at work lately, but hopefully that will change next week. Sometimes I like surfing the internet all day, but I do not like doing it 4 days in a row.

    But also I have been having fun after work, drinking all the beers and having lots of laughs. Thank god for laughs.

  33. Everything was going well today until I had a panic attack about my paper. Also, my professor is terrible and we have a final next week for which he today spent 30 minutes reviewing over the span of 3 hours because he loves tangents in all ways, shapes, and forms.

    My birthday was yesterday but I ate a ton of gift junk food, so I didn’t have my cake until about 2 hours ago. Caramel buttercream…mmmmm.

    • Happy late birthday! Junk food gifts are some of my favorites! For my last birthday, a coworker gave me a TARDIS cookie jar filled with cookies! Carrot cake is my favorite birthday cake, but caramel buttercream sounds amazing!

  34. My grandmother died last Friday and yesterday was her memorial. My brother and I spoke about her which was terrifying and liberating.

    Then the reception felt exactly like those after-funeral receptions you see in movies where you keep smiling and your feet hurt from wearing too-high heels and you keep getting snagged into conversation when you really just want to eat and drink wine and then you really just want to get away from everyone and go home and cry.

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