I’m not very good at art, so who am I to judge what someone who is good at art does with their art, really? When I was a kid I took some pottery classes, which in retrospect are a funny thing for a kid to take. Admittedly, they really helped me deal with that first year after my divorce. I also took a couple illustration classes and one time I drew a giant eyeball, but it wasn’t quite my thing. I’m a decent photographer, but who isn’t? (Actually, most people are not, which is something I did not realize until Instagram was invented. Thank you, Instagram? Seriously, though, guys, YOU BETTER DRUMLINE with these Instagrams. They stink!) I always wanted to be better at that kind of stuff. People who can just sit down and render lifelike images with pen and paper are gifted! It’s neat! So I have a lot of ideas, as someone who is forced to watch from the sidelines, about what I would do with that God-given talent if it had been blessed upon me. And one thing I would not use it for would be to make fan art for a TV show, full stop period, but double extra would not use it to make fan art for a TV show that hadn’t even been on TV for four years. (And if I WAS going to make Lost fan art, which I would NEVER, but if I was, it would probably be Smoke Monster art, and not some fucking DRIVESHAFT shit.) That’s just me, man. Who knows how the muse works, or what directions she will guide us to take. We cannot but listen to her siren call and hope that it does not crash us upon the rocks. O’ sweet muse. Beautiful temptress! (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. I still haven’t gotten over the series finale enough to even go look at these photos.

  2. I want to have a parade with Driveshaft on a float and the float would be that very image Gabe is mocking and on the float it would say “Not Penny’s Float” and the Hobbit guy would sing that silly song and then I’d get to make out with Jin or Sawyer.

  3. One of my best friends is a super fucking talented artist and one of my favorite paintings in my room is one she did of ghost-chickens and it’s really pretty and creepy and wonderful. But like, 90% of what she draws in her spare time is World of Warcraft porn! And it’s like, ugh, what a waste! I’m always like:

    • there was a boy i went to art school who was a PHENOMENAL photo-realist painter, which is duh super difficult, and all he would ever paint were these elaborate tableaux of goth girls lounging around in graveyards. huge huge huge paintings of these! and super cheesy looking! but also really amazing. it was very confusing.

      • Was it, like, a “statement” or something?

        because i’m 100% sure my friend with the WoW porn is not making a “statement”; she just really likes WoW porn.

        (This complicated question about art brought to you by my MA from the New School for Social Research ™)

        • no, i don’t think it was a statement. he was super goth, he was like, celebrating the things that he loved. it was just really amazing because in a sea of talentless people desperately trying to make “good” art, he was effortlessly turning out technically amazing work that didn’t have all the obsessive “stretching towards making a statement” thing that everyone else was doing. plus there were very few actually talented painters in the program, so it was really weird whenever you’d see a group show, because the five or six amazing painters really stood out, and he especially stood out because he was so obviously just doing his own thing and not really all that concerned with adding to the pantheon of american painting. i’m willing to bet he’s making a killing as a niche artist right now, to boot. i would try and look him up but i don’t have the faintest recollection of his name.

    • Dunno, I kind of admire someone who is like, “hey, I’d like to masturbate, but first I have to spend literal hours making art to do it to.” Dedication, or whatever.

    • You have a female friend who does WOW porn? I think I might know about 9 million nerds who’d like her number..I mean..WOW handle (? screenname??)

  4. Art is a hell of a thing. I have zero artistic abilities. But I chose to make “music” when I was a teen, and most of my “riffs” were based on bands I was obsessed with. So I suppose “artists” who make Fan Art are like “guitarists” who make Ripping-Off-Other-Bands Riffs?

  5. If you think that’s bad, you should see all of the Alcatraz fan art.

  6. I kind of love fan art. I have a print out of someone’s pencil drawing of the guy from The Mentalist (long story) and it’s always a conversation starter.

    • I love fan art for things no one should be a fan of. Like, I’d love to see the cast of NCIS rendered in Legos.

  7. His nose.

  8. We definitely need a videogum fanart thread one of these fridays, although I guess that
    s what the “kelly in situations” photoshops and blingees are, in a sense.

  9. I’m one of those people who is able to draw stuff in a life-like manner in a matter of seconds, even without practice, but I was just never into it. I just never really understood art. I would rather spend 5 minutes making a steve winwood photoshop and have people laff at it for a microsecond then forget it forever than take an hour and try to make some type of contrived statement. It just feels dishonest. See even this statement feels full of itself.

    Also, I love music, but ironically I suck at music. I hear what I want to create in my head but it’s just a teeth-pulling process for me to arrange the smallest composition the way I want it.

    • Oh boy, tell me about it. I listen to Atlas Sound create this cacophony of… Atlas sounds? And then I whip out my loop pedal and only make trash can sounds, or at least, sounds meant to be tossed out. It’s disheartening! Because I so want that talent and I also don’t want to work at it!

    • i struggled through years of art school to get really great at drawing and painting, and then when i graduated i just completely stopped doing it and now i’m terrified i don’t know how to do it anymore. secretly i wonder if i became a photographer because i thought it was easier. which it is not, as gabe pointed out above, it’s actually really hard and filled with self loathing.

  10. As someone with a hard drive pretty much full of subpar Tilda Swinton comics, I feel I am in no position to judge.

  11. Fan art is for people with technical prowess and limited imagination and/or a lack of sufficient outlets for expressing appreciation for something they love.

  12. My boyfriend has been making me watch Twin Peaks, but before we watch the series finale we have to buy each other the worst piece of fan-craft we can buy on Etsy (for less than $10). There’s some pretty bad stuff out there.

  13. I just googled Pushing Daisies fanart and was pleasantly surprised.

  14. You guys don’t know fanart until you’ve seen One Direction fan art. It’s majestic and weird and dripping with sexual tension.

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