Yesterday, J.J. Abrams’s production company, Bad Robot, tweeted this picture of Mr. Abrams on the set of the hit PBS show, Downton Abbey. This picture is funny to me, because while on the one hand, sure, I like Downton Abbey, and visiting the set of a television show that you like would be really fun and special and neat and exciting, I’m not J.J. Abrams. He’s a big-time movie director and TV creator. He lives his life on iconic sets. The fuck does he care about being on some set? Especially a set that isn’t his set? “So this is your set, huh? It is different in some ways but similar in some ways to my set.” How boring this must be for him. It’s like if I visited you at your office. YUCK. It’s not that I don’t like you, you seem great, but your office is Snoozeville. “Oh, you have a printer, too? Yeah, I have a printer. That’s so funny HAHAHHAHAHAHHA where did you go to school?!” And then I would go into your office bathroom and stay there until it was time to leave.

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  1. I have access to two black and white printers, a color printer, and a color copier, right from my desktop. So think about THAT before you go slagging my office, sir.

  2. The set is always greener on the other set

  3. Fun stuff I have at my office: a tiny koala bear (stuffed), a tiny moose dressed as a canadian mounty (stuffed), a tiny mr. pricklepants (plastic), a set of nesting dolls that are dinosaurs, a calvin & hobbes cartoon cut from a newspaper, & Anchorman trading cards. So maybe you do want to visit. I don’t know.

  4. My cousin works on Parks and Rec, and when I was in LA she gave me a tour of the set. It was awesome! And fun to see all the murals and pictures hanging in the background that I don’t always pay attention to. So, yeah, Hollywood or something.

  5. We have a Wii in our kitchen that we used maybe 3 times, that’s …something.

  6. Maybe it’s like a chef visiting another restaurant. Much more fun if you don’t have to cook it yourself.

  7. I share an office with several indie record labels, so my office is basically a dorm and I’m basically Mrs. Garrett.

  8. “We have to go back to the drawing room!”

  9. “What’s a Smoke Monster?”

  10. Always with the time travel.

  11. I work at a non profit that does stuff with kids and chefs and etc, so our office is always full of random food items left over from demos or events, and often snacks! Right now we have some black walnuts, lots of cans of garbanzo beans, a shit load of KIND bars, a lemon, and some fancy chocolate. Random and delicious (usually)!

  12. My office has an in-house happy hour with essentially ample amounts of free beer and snacks every Friday. You’d think, “Well wait, you’d have to mingle with potentially boring and uninteresting people for an extra hour on Friday?” And you wouldn’t be totally wrong. But… beer?

  13. We have a 3D printer and a beer fridge, also some tequila just randomly sitting out on the kitchen counter. I like my office.

    Also, one of our printers is a plotter, which is infinitely more fancy.

    • What’s the 3D printer for? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve 3D printed?

      • We use it to make mockups for projects. We only just got it last month so nothing too weird yet. I’m sure someone will 3D print something phallic very soon.

        • We had a 3D printer once. It wasn’t supposed to be there, but they got rid of it when somebody left a trail of toxic printer dust and with a fan on for days.

          • Fun fact: It wasn’t me. I avoid touching and/or using things with skulls and crossbones on the label.

          • ours is a makerbot, so it uses basically threads of plastic and no gross dust. I worked at a place with a much fancier 3D printer and ho boy, you had to put things in an acid bath before they were done. Lots of gloves and goggles for that.

          • YES! We had the kind with an acid bath, but it was all for another department. Not sure how it ended up in our care, but the guy in charge of it (to put that loosely) could’ve made us asphyxiate. I had to bring up the fact that
            (dangerous dust + circulating fan) x closet = slow death
            and it took weeks before they carted it away.

  14. I have shiny posters from Borders (R.I.P.) and funny ecards and internet memes (some hidden) throughout the office.

  15. We have gerbils at my work, and we will forever because we replace them on the hush when they die. I will warn you that they stink a little.

  16. This is the view out of my office window every day,m so there’s that.

    and on the fourth of July, it looks like this:

    So, basically,
    A) between this view and videogum, I don’t know how I get ANY work done and
    B) you’re all invited up to my office for fourth of July

  17. Are you sure that’s JJ Abrams? There is a ton of light shining into that room, and yet I see not a single lens flare.

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