Girl, you’re already there. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. The Message: Everyone go back to bed. It’s not even worth trying today.

    • In other words, when my housemate saw my mason jar full of green tea and asked, cautiously, “Is that whiskey?” the correct answer should have been “Yes”?

      • The answer should always be “yes.” I really think there are people in my department who believe me when I tell them it’s not water in my water bottle. I like living with the mystery!

  2. I really like the genre-bending today.

  3. Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the trampoline accident.

  4. I see they used the “perspective of the serial killer” camera.

  5. Well, she is nothing if not efficient with her trampoline accidents. Girl wastes no time.

  6. Alright, thursday! Let’s do this! Let’s get going! This is gonna be gr-damn…tripped on the door out. Fuck it, you guys, just another day.

  7. Nothing like watching people get boinked in the head to distract me from my “research” paper.

  8. Some days you have a trampoline accident, and other days, the trampoline accident has you.

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