Less than two weeks ago, the Internet fell in love with A.J. Clemente, the would-be news anchor who was fired after his first day for swearing during his on-camera introduction, even though the swearing was probably like number 3 on the list of problems with his on-camera introduction. Well, there is great news for all of us A.J. Clemente fans today, because he has announced that he would like to move to Hollywood. Perfect. No duh. No doy. From RadarOnline:

A.J., who even got advice from legendary newsman Tom Brokaw — “We all swear, we just don’t get caught” — says he got a taste of Tinseltown after doing red carpet coverage for Live With Kelly & Michael in the wake of his now infamous f-bomb.

“I regret cursing on the air, but I can’t take it back,” A.J. said in an exclusive interview. “I know that I need to get better, but I’ve learned a lot since getting fired. I thought my ideal job would be a medium size market somewhere, but I have to admit that after doing the red carpet for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan and meeting stars like Pierce Brosnan, Hollywood sounds pretty good.”

Ha ha. HOLLYWOOD DOES SOUND PRETTY GOOD THOUGH, RIGHT? You get to meet stars like Pierce Brosnan, which is basically The American Dream. I like how A.J. used to think that his ideal job would be a medium sized market somewhere, but since he could not even manage to hold that job for more than a day, why not just go straight to the big markets and run the whole show? Makes sense. Shoot for the moon and you might just end up swearing on-camera to the stars. At a certain point, it’s going to be up to the president to sponsor a constitutional amendment making us all famous. It’s what the people want, OBAMA.

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  1. No Fucking Shit?

  2. I’ve grown so comfortable of late with the schtick of this website. And yet, even though I knew it was coming, I laughed out loud at the “You get to meet stars like Pierce Brosnan, which is basically The American Dream.”

    Never change, Videogum.

  3. “I thought I would be satisfied with being the weekend anchor in a market like Eugene, Bakersfield, Lubbock or Evansville. I once got so pie-in-the-sky, I dared to even dream about Champaign & Springfield-Decatur. Was I ever so young? But now, I can’t be satisfied until I’m the new E!’s Jason Kennedy.” — A.J. Clemente

  4. And to think I momentarily felt bad for this smug bastard. Failing up, I guess.

  5. What’s weird is his mole has a higher Q Rating than he does.

  6. Below: AJ lets out a gentle sigh as he silently wishes he could go back to knocking on random people’s doors and approaching strangers to ask them what they think about a town hall meeting’s decision regarding the neighborhood watch.

  7. When I read the title of this article I fully expected it to say that he had started a Kickstarter campaign to get himself to Hollywood.

  8. A.J. got Dilbert Principled

  9. During his movie premiere red carpet coverage for Regis and Kelly (I still call it that), he stuck a microphone in a woman’s face and demanded, “Why are you here?” She looked at him for a moment and replied, “I’m the director.” A.J. then said, “Oh, well, sorrrrrry.” His problem isn’t the cursing, it’s that he’s terrible on camera.

  10. He’s perfect material for one of those TMZ bus drivers. He’d be the most ‘celebrity’ thing about the whole tour.

  11. I can’t wait for his Rihanna cover.

  12. What is wrong with us? The guy cussed on camera and then mumbled some things about being on the east coast. It made for a silly internet video. Why is he getting the “red carpet tour”?

    Has anyone watched these interviews he is having with people? What do they even ask him? “So, why did you cuss on camera? Are you really from the East Coast?”

    This is just a ridiculous world we have created.

    • a good portion of the decision-making-money-havers missed their soc. med. 101 class where the conversion rate of social-media-flash-in-the-pan points to appropriate-for-a-real-position-in-the-media points was shown to massively inflated

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