• Terry Richardson did a photo shoot with Aaron Paul. We’ll have to have a talk later. -TerrysDiary
  • The synopsis of Homeland‘s third season has been revealed! Who knew Zooey Deschanel  was even going to be on that show? And the fact that she plays THE PRESIDENT? Boy oh boy, we’re in for a ride just kidding! -Zap2It
  • Speaking of Zooey Deschanel, though, Linda over at Monkey See wrote about the evolution of New Girl and how good it is currently. That episode last night? Give me a break! So good! -MonkeySee
  • Our girl Ke$ha was on Conan last night. They wore each other’s faces on their clothes. -TeamCoco
  • Today is the last day to watch hundreds of movies from the Warner Bros. library on Netflix before they are taken off and made available for streaming only on Warner Archive Instant. AHHHHHHHHHH! -Slate
  • Apparently Natalie Portman will be the Lady Macbeth to Michael Fassbender’s Macbeth. Yuck, so gross. If I wanted to see two ugly people in a Hollywood adaptation of a Shakespeare drama I’d watch Romeo + Juliet, am I right? (JK THEY ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.) -Dlisted
  • Allison Williams is being eyed for a role in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four? Didn’t we just have a Fantastic Four?! I might be wrong about it and I’m not going to look it up, but I feel sure enough in saying that I THINK WE JUST HAD ONE OF THOSE AND WE’RE ALL SET, THANKS! -/Film
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  1. Oh man, I don’t know you guys. Fassy4MacB for sure, but I don’t think Portman is a very good actress? She definitely wouldn’t be good as a schemer/villain. She can pull off swet ingenue pretty well, or like maybe a politician’s wife who supports him but not in a “kill the king and take his crown” sort of way? Let’s recast. #Swinton4LadyMacB

  2. Terry Richardson is the worst. I think I missed a Terry Richardson fight a few weeks back, but still, he is the worst and I am ok with drawing that battleline.

    • I’m sorry. I maybe just don’t get it. What is so horrible about this photographer? His appearance annoys me but not anything else. I mean, I get that everyone should hate photographers who photograph celebrities because 99.9% of the time they are paparazzi. But this guy asks them over to do a photo-shoot and they more-or-less look like they’re having some fun.

    • I don’t get why he’s so sought after. If celebrities came over to my house I could stand them in front of a white wall and point too many lights at them too

  3. I looked it up and the last Fantastic Four came out 6 years ago but in your defense America did say “we’re all set, thanks” then too.

    • A friend recently asked if I would be interested in checking out the new Iron Man movie. And I think I said, “Huh… America’s still into that?”

  4. That New Girl episode last night was indeed very good. I was thinking, as I watched it, that this would be a good episode to show someone who had never watched the show before to show exactly what made it a good sitcom. It is my favorite sitcom on TV right now.

    If you only saw a few episodes in Season 1, give it another try. It has improved greatly since the first season.

    • I agree…New Girl was great! Not just cause of the ending (although that was great) but the jokes were just so funny throughout. Not to mention Cece’s hair in the bar scene? Hilarious. Nick’s hair throughout? Priceless.

  5. I just red the linked NPR article, and I loved that they linked to a piece re-examining “The Moonlighting Effect” called “What Really Happened to Moonlighting” where they bust the cliche myth that ending the tension ended the show. Through the lens of a sociology background, this tickled me. The idea of unpacked and disassembling cultural mythology using such an accessible topic in the deft hands of a writer is pixels well-spent.

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