Ha-ha-h-hiccup-. It’s not really a big -hiccup- deal. Serios-hiccup-ly. This is really frustrating -hiccup- and I’d -hiccup- appreciate if we would all just -hiccup- -hiccup- pay atten-hiccup-tion to the heavy rain. Guys-hiccup-. Have you seriously never -hiccup- seen a man -hiccup- hiccup -hiccup- before? IT’S NOT A -hiccup- BIG DEAL! JUST LET ME -hiccup- DO -hiccup- MY -hiccup- JOOOOOOOBBB!!! (Thanks for the tip, Gideon!)

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  1. I have a friend who once complained about being up until 4am with hiccups. I was like, “geez, hold your breath or something” but I guess that could be a thing that happens and would also be terrible.

  2. All he had to do was place a flaming matchbook on top of an upside-down spoon and stick it in his mouth. The shock from the burn gets rid of the hiccups every time.

  3. My 4th grade teacher told every kid who had the hiccups that they were not allowed to go to the water fountain to help cure the hiccups, because the only true way to cure the hiccups was a spoonful of peanut butter, which she did not have. She was a really fun teacher.

    • By any chance, did she teach science?

      • No, but she did teach us that going to the bathroom was actually just a poor excuse we were using to intentionally avoid class, and that we should all learn to hold it for 7 hours because that’s what she did. Again, just a really fun teacher.

        • Did anyone try just peeing on her? I had a teacher around the same age who stopped a kid who got up and tried to leave class without asking, then blocked his way as he tried to explain it was an emergency. When he puked all over her pants, she let him leave pretty swiftly.

          • It is so ridiculous how often, as a child, you had to explain your need to use the restroom as “an emergency.”

          • Was it just my school or is this a regular thing where maybe for 5 minutes once of twice a day the whole class was allowed to use the restroom? And if you had to go like 10-20 min before that the teacher would tell you to hold it until we all went. I’m just asking because apparently my school abided by some weird-ass rules back in the day.

  4. Holding my breath never worked. I eat a spoonful of sugar. It is gross, and you can practically feel the cavities forming, but it works for me.

  5. I thought I watched this video yesterday but I just realized I didn’t, I watched in my dream last night. So, maybe I need to go outside today.

  6. Does anyone else cure their hiccups with the power of their own minds and concentration and what not? Because I do sorry to brag. I am like the Harry Potter of defeating hiccups.

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