OH LADIIIIIIES! OVER HERE, LADIES! Uh, did you know that the actor Jay R. Ferguson who you can currently see as the irascible Stan Rizzo in the hit AMC period drama Mad Men (or as Tyler Perry says it, Merd Mehrrn) was a successful enough teenage heart-throb in the 1990s that he appeared in the glossy pages of BOP magazine? (See also: Tiger Beat.) WOULD YOU HAVE HIT IT?! When I sent this image to Kelly she said “Wow, he has lived so much life between those two photos.” Yes, Kelly. And so have we all. Powerful stuff. It is funny, though, all the twists and turns that life takes, huh? How you are inexorably led from one place to the next on an unseen current. You never know what is around the bend, and when it comes to other people you often don’t even know what happened BEFORE the bend. At the end, it almost feels like the whole thing was inevitable, but in the moment it’s mysterious and confusing and impossible. Seriously, though, would you have? Hit it?

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Image via Pajiba.)

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  1. I don’t know, I think Kelly already won the caption contest. Her comment is so true…

  2. Thanks a lot Bazz Lurhmann, now there are second acts in American lives.

    • Also: If Corey really had confessed stuff to Teen Beat — real stuff — maybe it would have cleansed him of some of his demons and he’d still be with us today.

      I’m going back to my copy of Non-Threatening Boys now so I can cheer up. Maybe call a hotline that will give me few words that rhyme with allegory…

    • I thought one of those pictures on the cover was of my teenage boo Devon Sawa, and then I looked closer and it was Fred Savage. :(

    • Corey. Story. Allegory. Montessori…..

  3. Well, I don’t want to blame Jay’s new look on all on 9/11, but it certainly didn’t help.

  4. Or it’s possible that the character of Stan is a Benjamin Button, and he still has a lot of life to live between those two photos. Perhaps he’ll live it…in a place called Evening Shade.

  5. From Heartthrob to Art Slob.

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  7. “What am I, chopped liver?” – Vincent Kartheiser

  8. I, for one, am really looking forward to Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ role in the upcoming season of Breaking Bad

  9. Off topic: How do you think Mr. Aaron Paul-Conaboy felt when Vince Gallo asked Kelly C. to the prom via Tornado Week Youtube Channel?

    Terrible, I bet. You’re the worst, Vince Gallo. The worst.

  10. My comment is this: I wish I turned from a handsome tyke to a handsome-bearded-suit-wearing-TV-semi-star.

  11. Looks like that mop on his head purbertied down onto his face.

  12. I might have hit it, but if his picture was on the back of an NKOTB pic, no way he was going up on my wall.

  13. The beard really threw me off. I thought he was a new character for a sec.

    A dapper Galifanakis, that one.

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