If to “shift it” means to approach your job, whatever it might be, with the energy and enthusiasm usually reserved for the homemade music videos of wealthy children, then we should ALL “shift it.” Forward, reverse, domestic, and foreign. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew!)

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  1. I understand those backup dancers more than you’ll never know.

  2. Great music! It’s like being at every Yemeni party I’ve ever been to plus cars.

  3. Inspiration for the part in the car:

  4. So true…just have fun out there! have fun!

  5. I come here for a study break and all I get is “shift it, shift it.” Ok, fine universe (and Kelly), I’ll get back to work….

  6. something is shifting in my pants

    sorry not sorry

  7. Wait, his name is Gorgan? Then who is Arlen?

  8. At :29 you can see Rhett and Link in the background.

  9. Good eye! Those guys are geniuses. I visited The Red House when I passed through North Carolina based on their commercial: http://youtu.be/vnOyMSEWNTs

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