No matter how hard our mom tries, she cannot cheer us up or get us to play along. And dad is welcome to pretend like he’s oblivious to what is really going on and didn’t even realize that we weren’t all on board and just working our butts off as hard as he was to sell this video to the audience, but the fact of the matter is that dad’s always trying to avoid facing reality. Not us, man. We will look reality straight in the eye without even blinking. And we do. The whole time. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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  1. That little boy just watched his mom get disemboweled by a cannonball and then witnessed a parrot fly through her wounds, while a rat gnawed at his prosthetic leg, so CUT HIM SOME SLACK!

    • I was a little bit traumatized when her head came off her body to kiss him and revealed the bloody stump that had been holding it on, so I can only imagine how he felt about that.

  2. That kid just summed up my reaction to every team building activity that I’ve ever participated in. Truth be told, though, I’d probably be a happier person if I were just Dad about the whole thing.

  3. Sorry kid, only some people can be blessed with awesome parents

  4. parents ARE EMBARRASSING though.

  5. “I would love to participate in your video, Mom and Dad, but I have a lot of homework tonight, and I want to invest in my future.” A gift to you, kid, for next time.

  6. I thought he danced pretty well.

  7. Where would one go to make such a video? Asking for a friend.

  8. I wouldn’t have put a hook in that kid’s hand, because he is looking particularly stabby.

  9. Come on, white people. We’re not even TRYING to dance anymore.

  10. I can’t be the only one who thought mom was Lena Dunham.

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