• To help promote the release of Pixar’s Monsters University, Disney has transformed Epcot’s Spaceship Earth into a giant Mike Wazowsk. You can see a video of it over at /Film! If you want to! -/Film
  • Jesse Eisenberg wrote a piece for the New Yorker online. He’s great. -NewYorker
  • Want to see the opening title sequence of Man of Steel, as interpreted by the people at the creative production company Will & Tale? I totally get why you wouldn’t, but just in case, here it is! -FilmDrunk
  • The Week asks, “Can New Girl overcome the curse of the will they/won’t they relationship?” I don’t know! I hope so! They’ve been doing an all right job so far, fingers crossed that they will continue to do an all right job, that show is great! -TheWeek
  • Yesterday Aaron Paul (yes, MY Aaron Paul) tweeted that this video — “Zen Cats” — was “the greatest video [he has] ever seen.” It’s not my favorite video, but relationships wouldn’t be fun if both people were exactly the same all the time. -HyperVocal
  • Amanda Bynes got that half-shaved head look now, and I can’t blame her. Every time I watch the Rihanna “Stay” video I think about whether or not I could pull it off. Every time I come to the conclusion that I could, very strange that I haven’t done it yet! -Dlisted
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  1. Look at those bomb-ass cats achieve a heightened state of enlightenment, yo.

  2. It doesn’t matter that she shaved her hair, because Amanda Bynes wears a freaking shirt burqa during her forays in Times Square.

  3. That Mike Wazowski thing is great! Are you guys excited about Monsters University? I am! I really like Pixar films…Monsters Inc was my favorite until Wall-E. Wall-E is still really my favorite but Toy Story is always great, especially 3!

  4. Also, this morning is not that busy at work so I rewatched Chappelle’s Show season 2 episode 4-5 (with Rick James and Prince). Guys. Remember how great that was? Super great. Best ever.

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