For days the Mad Men viewing public has been awaiting word from Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, in response to an egregious error made by the character Joan: How could she have a reservation at Le Cirque, Matthew Weiner, if Le Cirque DID NOT EVEN EXIST YET? WAS SHE SOME KIND OF TIME TRAVELER, MATTHEW WEINER?! Eagle-eyed viewers, desperate to never ever get a life and relax for 2 seconds and just watch a TV show because life is short for goodness sakes who even cares, caught the error immediately. Weiner responded  at a Paley Center for Media panel on Tuesday, but will it be enough to sooth our un-suspension of disbelief? From The NY Post:

The creator of “Mad Men” discussed his show’s recent gaffe of including a reference to Le Cirque, which opened years after the show’s 1968 setting, at a Paley Center for Media panel Tuesday. Moderator Brian Williams pulled out a New York Post piece about the scene in which Christina Hendricks’ character references the famous eatery opened in 1974 by Sirio Maccioni. At first, the series’ creator, Matthew Weiner, blamed the absent actress Hendricks by telling the crowd she had “ad-libbed” the line. But he then admitted, “No, it was a terrible error,” adding of the fascination over the flub, “I think the pleasure some people get from the mistake makes more entertainment for the show.”

“Makes more entertainment for the show,” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, MATTHEW?! (FOR REAL!) (I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!) Where is our apology? “It was a terrible error,” and…? We don’t try to find mistakes in Mad Men every week FOR OUR HEALTH! I don’t know why we do it, actually! For fun? To ruin it for ourselves? To make one specific blogger annoyed? Why do we do it?! Anyway, we’re waiting!

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  1. Not to mention their special effects supervisor had a nervous breakdown.

  2. I’m still waiting for an apology for this season’s obvious lack of punches to Pete Campbell’s face.

  3. That is just not a very flattering picture of Joan.

  4. Next you’ll tell me Martin Sheen was never the president.

  5. You know, these kinds of details are important. Just ask Gabriel and Poppy Lifton from Gossip Girl. He COULDN’T have met Serena at Butter that night because Butter was closed because Blair borrowed their bartender for the Nelly Yuki SAT sabotage party, and if they had just checked their facts then they would have gotten away with it!

    I know this is the second time I’ve brought up this GG plotline this week, but it’s just such a classic with wonderful life lessons (the main one of course being: “Don’t enter into a relationship with someone who claims to have fallen in love with you while you were roofied”).

    • In Lost, Ben said Charlotte was born in 1979 but when they time-travel to 1974 she was there. The producers also initially blamed the actress before admitting their own mistake. If Hollywood will not learn from their GOOFS they are doomed to repeat them.

    • I like that Butter doesn’t have a back up bartender

  6. This was just an excuse to post a photo of Christina Hendricks, wasn’t it?


  8. “…is a terrible idea. Hollywood is bereft of original thinking.”

    Hmm. This is a pretty muted opinion from FLW, you think. Not even a pun, gif or tortured wordplay.

    “Choose your own adventure? More like ‘I’ll choose another movie!’

    There it was. The old dog still had it.

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