No, because SHE IS HER OWN UNIQUE PERSON. Put cinnamon on your food, ladies.

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  1. Dalia from Suburgatory looks super different as a brunette.

  2. “Hand gesture, hand gesture, stand by chair, head tilt, hand gesture, stand by other chair, symmetrical hand gestures, blink, push imaginary things out of air, stand by painting, hand on hip, laugh, more hand gestures.” -Internal Monologue

  3. Lever her alone, guys. She didn’t do so bad for someone who has clearly never heard a human being talk or interacted with another living soul because, and I’m theorizing here, she was raised in a box by scientists to see if a sorority girl/veal hybrid could host web videos.

  4. Notice how she said “you’re” human and “you’re” not a machine?

  5. I haven’t been around videogum all that long so I didn’t actually know who Katherine Chloe Cahoon was, but I clicked on the tag and have been going through the 2.5 years worth of posts about her. Wow. My afternoon is set.

  6. Kitchen Refrigerator.

  7. I’m so happy to have learned how to life my Vibrant Healthy Life, I’m watching all of them. SEE YOU GUYS NEXT TIME!

  8. True fact: my sister uses cinnamon in almost everything thing she makes, sweet or not. Little did she know she was naturally curbing her metabolism! One time for Thanksgiving, she put cinnamon in mashed potatoes and they were not terrible!

  9. Hey, Corina, it’s almost the New Year which means it’s after Labor Day. What are you doing wearing all that white, girlfriend??

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