• In case you were wondering if any of the cast of Waynes World got a little older looking, but actually not that much, like it’s not completely shocking, especially considering you see most of them quite often, here is a photo of the reunited cast! -PopCultureBrain
  • Paul Sheer has a new web series called The Arsheerio Paul Show in which he recreates episodes of the Arsenio Hall Show. The first episode features Will Arnett in the role of Bill Clinton. Ok! -PaulSheer
  • Nathan Fielder gets his Twitter followers to play texting pranks on their parents often and they always make me very nervous whenever I see that they’re happening. Here’s one! -Uproxx
  • Saturday Night Live‘s 38-year archive is going to be available on Yahoo. That seems weird to me, but, ah, que sera, sera! As they say! -Yahoo
  • A.J. Clemente was on Letterman last night. Man, that guy! He’s really on TV these days! -LateShow
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  1. who are those two ladies on the end?

  2. As much as I love Nathan Fielder and his show (thanks for the tip, Kelly!) I don’t think I can handle his twitter account.

  3. Speaking of comedians on twitter, yesterday Tim Heidecker posted a scene he wrote for Zach Braff’s movie and it is very funny. Amazingly, Zach Braff got into a twitter fight with him for this AFTER RAISING A MILLION DOLLARS IN 12 HOURS!


  4. That Wayne’s World cast photo is sorely missing Kurt Fuller! Russell is the best counterpart to Rob Lowe’s evilness. He is also the best on Psych!

  5. Who did Brian Doyle-Murray’s old man makeup? :-(

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