It can sometimes be disheartening to log into the day (that’s what we call waking up, right?) (because we all wake up and immediately pull our laptops into bed with us?) and see that what it has to offer. Justin Beiber wore a mask and a fedora? Oh good. The author of the sorority email resigned?! OUR FEARLESS LEADER?! Lots of real things that I would rather not touch on because life is honestly just too difficult and that’s not what we’re here for right now? Man. It is enough to make you want to go home and bring your bed up to the roof of your home or apartment building and go to sleep there because no one will bother you or know where you are or where your bed went. Which is why this video of Tilda Swinton dancing through the aisles at this year’s Ebertfest to Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,” while Ebert’s wife Chaz dances on stage, is required viewing. It’s just fun and nice. Don’t we all deserve something fun and nice?!

Thank you, Tilda. You seem great. (Via EOnline)

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  1. Dancing is great, you guys.

  2. Are you sure that was Tilda?

  3. Something about Tilda made me think this video would end with the doors locked and everyone catching fire while she dances around them.

  4. Because I have no pride anymore, I’m just going to say that the onesie that Bieber’s bodyguard is wearing appears to be the same brand of onesie that One Direction shills for. See crotch zipper in attached photo.

    Is Bieber’s bodyguard a Directioner????? Who is his favorite? HARRY?????

    Also, this video is delightful!

  5. I feel like Tilda doesn’t even know how hard she is trying to become an internet meme but she is trying really hard, like, unconsciously or something!

  6. I was afraid of Tilda Swinton Overload (because why can’t I ever just enjoy anything?) but this video confirms that Tilda Swinton Overload is not a thing.

  7. I hope Lilbobbytables didn’t have a lot planned at work today, because you have the vapors now.

  8. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just like real people and have families and kids, but then Tilda Swinton up and dances just like a mom in public and the reality of their lives comes crashing right into your eyeballs.


  10. It’s strange the things that make me cry.

  11. So I’m moving to Scotland soon, and I have these fantasies that I will run into Tilda Swinton at a coffee shop or grocery store or something. She probably shops for her own groceries right? We probably won’t become friends or anything, because I’m shy and awkward, but maybe she’ll take a picture with me, and I’ll post it on here. Or at least I can post that I’ve seen Tilda in her natural habitat.

    • I think those are reasonable expectations, to be honest. Also: will you complain with me about the woes that come with being so far north during the summer? My friend studied in Scotland and said that the sun never went down completely for a really long time, so he spent about a week just being slightly drunk in an attempt to sleep. I just get pissy when it doesn’t get actually dark until 11:30 or so and starts to rise at 3:45. GO TO SLEEP, SUN!

      • Oh yes, I will definitely be complaining about that. I have lived in the south for the majority of my life and I’m just completely unprepared to live so far north. I’m mourning the loss of all my flip flops and shorts right now, they are all going to live at my Mom’s house while we are abroad. I keep thinking that maybe I should just pack a few t-shirts and shorts, just in case, and really shouldn’t I be able to wear flip flops at some point during the summer? But my husband, who is much more cold-natured than me, was wearing fleeces in the middle of summer last year, so I think I’m in for quite a shock. Right now I’m sort of looking forward to the late sun, just because it’ll be so weird an different. But I’m really dreading the lack of sun in the winter.

        • I cannot stress this enough to you — wean yourself off caffeine as much as possible. Don’t drink too much because that will REALLY throw you off. Get a normal exercise routine and A REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD SLEEP MASK. I’m not nearly as far north as you, but it messes me up so much more than winter. I’m only an hour and some change above the 45th parallel but it gets exponential the further north you go… Plus I tend to work until dusk as it is and dusk is like 10 or 11 p.m. And then the birds start chirping at about 3:30 a.m. and I’m basically just super sleep-deprived and cranky or punch-drunk for most of June. White noise apps on a phone, fans and other stuff like that helps too (as drowning out the revelry is also sometimes needed). Before Portland, I worked the nightshift in the news in LA for a few years, so I have a lot of experience in blocking out the sun for sanity… without actually investing in hotel-style blackout curtains bc my station manager kept telling me “two more months…” ugh.

  12. I can’t believe some of those people standing there stiffly and not dancing.
    If Tilda Swinton tells you to get moving, you damn well better start dancing like the rent is due the next day!

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