How was your day today? SHUT UP. Ah sorry, I mean, HOLD ON. Don’t answer yet, because no matter how good your day was it couldn’t have been as good as Ke$ha’s day, following the premiere of her new MTV show (or rather, six-part documentary series?) My Crazy Beautiful Life! I did not see the premiere, very unfortunately. To be honest, I didn’t know it was going to be on until Gabe sent me the trailer earlier today. I’m only a human and we all make super big mistakes concerning how much Ke$ha documentary we’ve watched on television. Ok? But, so, DID YOU WATCH IT? I have a few questions: Has she found a for-sure-disgusting bearded man to love yet? How long does it take her to wash her face? (I DON’T MEAN THIS TO BE AS BITCHY AS IT SOUNDS.) (She just wears so much garbage on her face all the time!) Is she as endearing as she seems in the trailer, and is the documentary as a whole as compelling as it seems in the trailer? (That is, more compelling than you’d think a Ke$ha documentary would be, less compelling than most documentaries you’d elect to watch as an adult.) Why does she still drive past her ex’s house? She should stop, for real! Does she really write her songs on a piano and, if so, how do they end up sounding like a robot anxiety rave? Have you EVEN SEEN THE TRAILER? IT’S AFTER THE JUMP!

Soooooo. How was your day? Better now? Better or worse now? Tell me!

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  1. Ke$ha always looks like a babysitter that fell asleep before the kids.

  2. there are things that i will condescend to out of necessity, eating cold food because i don’t have a microwave, riding public transportation,responding to the blatant racism and sexism i encounter in everyday life with a fake smile, eating fast food, pooping in public toilets, but you cannot expect me to watch a video of this woman. noooooope.

  3. I took my last in-person college class ever! One more semester that’s all online and then I’m done! Also, my wife is bringing me surprise food at work! I AM EXCITED ABOUT BOTH OF THESE THINGS IN EQUAL MEASURE.

  4. i’ve had a pretty decent day and a really great week so far. i’ve been getting a lot of really positive feedback for my current creative project, which is always super gratifying and a huge relief, since it means you’re not just wandering around yelling about stuff and no one is listening or caring. and i’m gonna go eat cheap oysters with friends tonight, so the forecast looks pretty good!

  5. why she get outside night? koko sleep cage. sad frown.

  6. Eh, can’t complain. Got some work done. Listened to the new Deerhunter album about three times. Set up a date for tomorrow night. Getting ready for a very long weekend. Friday will include kick off with an office happy hour, followed by a White Sox game, followed by a Free Energy concert. Saturday will find me in a very drunken stupor at the conclusion of Dark Lord Day, a big beer festival in NW Indiana. Last year at DLD I screwed up my knee after falling for no reason other than my equilibrium had decided it wanted to take a break for a few seconds. All in all, fairly typical stuff.

  7. So my day was ok. Tonight is my last evening of fun before I have to buckle down and crank out 2 papers so I’m making it count! Sherlock, potstickers, and beer with my friend. Also, I hung out with Flanny last night and that girl is a hoot! I’m just saying that in case you didn’t notice. I would have hung out with Manners too, but he was “sick.” A likely story.

  8. i have five papers due on friday, it was going to be six but one of my professors is giving me a break and allowing me to turn in my final on monday instead of friday. i spent the weekend in the e.r. with unidentified chest pain and i still managed to turn in my twenty three page research paper on monday. i have a week and a half left until i graduate and i still have no idea how my degree is going to do anything for me after graduation. also, someone slashed my tires.

    • on the plus side, instead of doing actual work today, i spent the day re-reading all the wmoat entries and damn they are still flipping funny. any way we can bring those back gabe? pretty please with lots of sugar and stuff on top!

    • You poor thing! I am so sorry! That is a ridiculous amount of papers, and here I was bitching about 2. I hope you’re feeling better, and I hope whoever slashed your tires gets his.

      • yes, i just keep telling myself that this will all be done soon and then i can continue on to law school where i will never have to write a paper again…psych! but also, i think the fellow who slashed my tires went on a spree. there was another car with the same slashed tire in the parking space i was parked in when mine was slashed yesterday morning. methinks someone thinks this public parking spot is theirs…

    • I had the unidentified chest pains in my 20s. Once I ended up in the hospital and left with an antacid.

      There are few thing worse than not knowing what’s wrong with your body — but tire slashing is pretty close!

      Stay safe out there!

      • yes, they mentioned it might be stomach issues…or anxiety…or an aggravation of my congenital heart defect. literally there is nothing they can say for sure. my faith in the emergency room is lower than it was at the beginning of the week. they did give me some awesome prescriptions though…

  9. It was fine enough! Driving, therapy, work, driving, a walk with my dog, work, internet bullshit, and now back to work again. I have a birthday staycation planned for Saturday which is something to look forward to. That’s something.

    I don’t have much to say about Ke$ha. I hope that her crazy beautiful life is fine enough for her should she really mean it. Life itself should be fine enough for all of us.

  10. I was too tired to go to the gym this morning so I took a nap in my van before going to work. Then I looked at because my mother-in-law has a client that sells Tupperware and she can get a deal. I’m not sure why we need Tupperware, but hey, perfect procrastination material. Then I may have gone to the bathroom. After that I went to work lunch during which “bidness” was discussed. Then I got back to my desk and an old pal from Boston happened to be in town for some other thing so we talked and cracked jokes and he told me all about being “on lockdown” last week. (It’s actually a lot like a snow day, but instead of kids with sleds in the streets it’s SWAT guys.) Then I listened to some stuff that we recorded at work for a thing that we’re doing. Sample line: “Strawberry don’t play!” (Don’t ask.) Then I had a cup of coffee and some peanuts. After that I typed this. Looking into the near future I am going to pick up my son from daycare and go home. Then after dinner I may or may not watch Mad Men. It’s all very exciting.

    Tomorrow I will go to the gym instead of nap.

  11. I have said “I’m going to leap off a bridge” in my head so many times this week that it has lost all meaning. And it’s only Wednesday! What the h? Work is kind of a nightmare right now and I am ready for four vacations. I have my music class tonight and I didn’t practice at all because I am lazy, so we’ll see how that goes. I would kind of rather just stay home and drink wine and go to bed at 9:00, but what can you do? You’ve gotta put in the work if you want your life to be as crazy beautiful as Ke$ha’s!

    • In the spirit of positivity, things that made my day more bearable:

      - The Petting Zoo
      - This video of Tilda Swinton leading a dance party at Ebertfest
      - Peanut butter M&Ms

  12. A big chunk of my job today involved trying to find an Odd Future song that’s SFW so you can imagine how accomplished I’m feeling.

  13. I think I caught a bug at the monster meetup on Saturday/Sunday. I’ve been sick since then. Expect a doctor’s bill, guys.

  14. Just had my story about the death of my beloved cat, “PS I Am So Sad” (, posted by Freerange Nonfiction. I don’t write a lot of confessional work, but I’m glad I did it.

    Rereading it this week, I realize how much anger and sadness has (mercifully) subsided since that horrible time.

    It really does get better!?!?

    Also, you can learn my cure for insomnia. (HINT: Frasier marathons!)

    • How stupid of me to start reading your story while still at work. I couldn’t finish without looking like a crazy person boo-hooing at my desk. Brought back some heavy shit. Well done, and I’m so sorry.

    • I’m still so sad about my cat dying three years ago that I don’t know if I can handle reading this. I’ll click the link and find out.

    • I’ve had on and off insomnia for almost 2 years. I’m willing to try anything, and Amazon Prime has Frasier.

      • If that fails, I suggest the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series from the BBC in the 80s. It’s perfectly quiet and monochrome and British. I have never watched one without falling asleep.

    • I regret reading this at work because I’m crying and I’m a bad crier. It reminds me of when I lost my dog to cancer. I’m so sorry about Cruddy.

  15. I think it’s time for us all to hit the reset button. We love giving Ke$ha a hard time, but why? She hasn’t really done anything to deserve it, besides make music that people have opinions on. But it’s harmless music! She’s not being actively offensive! She’s not even being unintentionally awful, like Gwyneth can be. I see no reason to harbor any sort of nasty thoughts or ill will towards her.

    I dunno, you guys, maybe it’s because I’m getting old as fuck, but I’m just tired of negativity. I think it’s time to hit reset and start giving the world a big ol’ high five.

  16. Last summer I went to a Ke$ha concert because I legit love Ke$ha (please no one point out that pretty much every comment that I have ever made on Videogum has been me admitting to loving embarrassing things) (whoops) and honestly, it was probably one of the funnest shows I have ever gone to. An opportunity to cover myself in glitter and dance embarrassingly? Who wouldn’t want that? Also, a good half the audience was 12-year olds wearing booty shorts, sports bras and glitter and it was like WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?!? Side note- I am like 90% sure it was the same show that Jenelle from Teen Mom was at instead of jail, which again reaffirms that I am making good choices in my life.

    Also, I got a Starbucks gift card for Administrative Professional’s Day today, so my day was pretty great.

  17. I am normally very annoyed by 99.9% of her brand of cheesy pop, but for some reason I have no problem with Ke$ha or her music. She seems like she would be fun to hang out with and also she made that crazy super-weird song with the Flaming Lips, which means she’s doing something right.

    But please don’t tell anyone.

  18. my day was kind of weird…my boss told me that he and his wife are getting divorced and that’s such a bummer. but then i ate two cupcakes at lunch and then my stomach hurt. also mr. truck’s work has been super sucky lately so i was gonna make some awesome dinner for us but the traffic was too bad for me to go to the grocery store, so i just ordered something instead. also i’m skipping a homeowners association meeting right now and i’ve got my cat on my lap, my baseball team on the tv, and i’m talking to you fine people, so i would say things are generally good.

  19. My day was good, after a long couple months of interviewing, I finally got a new job! And for the record, I always liked TiK ToK by Ke$ha (right up to the moment I just typed TiK ToK and Ke$ha).

  20. I saw Purity Ring last night and going to see James Blake tonight, so, pretty awesome music-wise. Also it’s finally sunny and over 70 here which is very B-)

  21. I’m pretty sure that my CMS is trying to kill me. Ironically, I just put together a basic building spreadsheet of how long it takes me to redesign and restructure a page and I’m literally exactly on time. Also: VIGNETTE WAS FORGED IN THE PITS OF HELL. But I also learned that when I get to implement my upcoming CSS and Javascript plugs… I can pick my own sidebar colorschemes as long as I stay in the basic branding color family – but I have options for shading!!!! Also: Vignette doesn’t care what you pick because it just makes up its own hexcodes and laughs in your face. Just wait until I get my CSS plugins, you miserable miserable bastard. Just. You. Wait.

  22. I have proposed marriage to the “60′s Soul Explosion” playlist on songza, and it accepted. We couldn’t be happier. We are registered for a KitchenAid mixer and a car, so you guys can just chip in on those, or whatever.

  23. I’m still in a little post monster bash depression:( but the weather is perfect so the vitamin d from the sun is helping. I burned my arm on the waffle maker today and there is a waffle imprint on it now, office hazards. I am booking my ticket to NY this weekend for July so im getting very excited for that vacation, Im bouncing for more then half of july ( see you in hell work). My bff got a 97 on her A&P midterm and i cried i was so proud (who am I?). So all in all im doing ok. On the Kei$ha front I really like that she boned down a ghost and her general attitude. okk back to waffle coning

  24. Not bad. I received a very nice compliment above, although I threatened to murder Manners and then he did not come last night. DID I MURDER HIM WITH MY MIND? Also, I bought my plane tickets for a Disney vacation with my sister’s family in June, and I just could not be more excited about that.

    A couple of weekends ago, a friend and I were in the market for Cheez-Its, but the little fancy store we were at did not have them, so we bought Better Cheddars instead. Has anyone else had Better Cheddars? They are crazy good and I don’t know if I can go back to Cheez-Its. I just bought at new box at the grocery store and I think I might eat the whole thing while dinner is cooking (since neither Zac nor Louis made me dinner today. Lazy jackasses.)

  25. My comment is awaiting moderation, but I think the anticipation will make the wonderful news I have to share even sweeter.

  26. Today was my last day at work. We’re moving out of the country for my husband’s job, and tomorrow I’m going to be super excited about it, but today I’m mostly just sad that I’m leaving a good job and a city that I love. On a much more positive note, hopefully I’ll be able to comment a lot more (at least on the morning posts), now that I’m going to be unemployed for the next year or so!

    • Ooooh you’re coming to Scotland, no? GOOD NEWS: the trees are budding and it has stopped snowing, there are lambs EVERYWHERE and I found a place that has miniature donkeys and one of them is pregnant so in the next few months there will be a baby miniature donkey. And I don’t know what it says about me, but I have never before been excited about anything like I am excited about the baby miniature donkey.

      • Tell me more about these lambs, and how much it would cost to ship one to America.

      • Yep, I’ll be there in a couple weeks. I’m really excited about the lambs. My husband said there are some that have big rabbit-like ears. I’m basically going to die when I finally see one.

        • We saw one that was about 2 hours old on the Isle of Mull – it was running down the road baa-ing and so I got out and tried to shoo it off to the side, which took a very long time because it was brand new and literally had no idea at all how the world works or what was going on. It tried to follow the car. The cute factor was indescribable.

          • Did you hug it?

            Also, all this sheep talk has inspired me to go to the Sheepshearing Festival happening in the Boston burbs this weekend. I went to it a couple of years ago and it was sooo fun! I saw some sheep get sheared and some baby goats butted their adorable heads and everything was wonderful. I can’t wait to touch a sheep again!

  27. I woke up not too long ago and I am now going to try and do everything I’m supposed to do on my ‘weekend’ in the span of the next 8-10 hours. Laundry, do some photoshop work, clean, etc. I’m kicking the whole thing off with the Throwing Shade podcast and a beer.

  28. Today was pretty good. I’m pretty far ahead in my program planning, which is a great feeling! I found that there is a surprising amount of clip art in Microsoft Word for the Y2K bug. I’ve been listening to “Mixed Bizness” by Beck while getting ready for work this week, so I’ve started each day in a good mood. AND I found out one of my coworkers is coordinating a paleontology program for adults, which is pretty much a dream come true!

  29. I went to my company’s corporate HQ today for the first time in about 3 years. Everything was fine and dandy until I went out for lunch, and discovered that the nearby commercial areas had drastically changed. Pretty much all of the places I used to patronize were gone, and replaced by this mega shopping complex where I had no intention of stopping because of the obnoxious parking garage. I spent a good hour driving around for something convenient, and had to settle for freakin’ Arby’s.

    On the bright side, they also built this gorgeous movie theater next to that complex that plays mostly indie films, which balances things out.

  30. I woke up late, ate a pot candy and was working for a bit, but then that Zach Braf kickstarter thing happened and I got really distracted. Please bring back WMOAT!

  31. It does not surprise me that Kei$ha writes her songs on the piano. I was teaching a piano lesson to a 10-year-old in my building and all she really cared about was Selena Gomez and Kei$ha, so I learned how to play the riff to that stupid inescapable Kei$ha song, printed out the lyrics, and let her sing it.

    But then I had to tell her that she wasn’t allowed to perform it for her parents because the lyrics were too dirty. I should’ve just edited out the verse with “boys wanna touch my junk” in it and everything would have been fine.

  32. is it weird that I find Kesha less annoying than T.Swift and K.Perry? I think I need my head examined. For some reason her shtick seems more fun.

    This could also be because I am not subjected to her on a regular basis.

  33. my takeaway from this thread is that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US loves or is indifferent to ke$ha. (i am among the latter.)

    i am so boooooored. my work has been sticking me with these bullshit three hour shifts since the holiday season ended, and they are the worst! not only are they almost not worth the time it takes me to get to and from them on the bus, but they still seem to take foreeevvvveeerrrrrr.

    now i am sitting in the breakroom and drinking cherry coke through a red vine because i am a child and attempting to do some homework, but mostly just messing around on twitter and quietly singing orchestral manoeuvres in the dark to myself. #nightcommentingcrew

  34. Today was good. I realized that my presentation was bumped a week so I no longer have to freak out until 7 days from now. I went out for coffee with my mom and checked out some new restaurants where I live. I have to talk to my professor and see if he’d let me write my paper comparing the two Dawns of the Dead tomorrow night.

    I noticed a classmate blatantly plagiarized part of an assignment, and I want to rat on her but then again grad snitches get stitches. Plagiarism is counter-intuitive in grad school!

    My boss came back from another business trip and is not annoying us a la Office Space, so I’m happy. Also there is some cattiness between the higher-ups in my department branch and the other branch’s, and it’s both funny and pathetic at the same time.

    I’m looking into new salons because where I am the people don’t speak English and are not good at cutting/styling hair. I haven’t had real bangs in years and I grew out my sideswept bangs, so I’m hoping for a blunt or choppy cut.

    • OOOO. That is not cool. Maybe you could drop some hints? Because I would rat out a chick so fast for plagiarism. I’ve had to sit quietly while someone higher up than me blatantly plagiarized me and I’m still bitter. The Dork doesn’t truck with that crap!

      • Like I think the professor is on to it, but I’m not so sure. It was an online assignment so the professor can google it I guess. That’s how I knew for certain it was plagiarized. It’s easy to tell they weren’t her words because it’s in clear English (she’s an international student who can’t string 2 words together without making a mistake). So deep down I want to, but then I feel like something’s going to happen to me karmically. It’s not a paper, but we are supposed to cite our sources regardless. She screwed me over on a bigger assignment for the course, so I don’t want to be accused of being vindictive.

  35. Kesha’s version of that Dylan song on You Tube really knocks my socks off. Other than that, I could take or leave her. For every catchy chorus, there’s still those dumb speaky parts.

  36. Today has been soooooo weird. I normally work from home and wear a sweatsuit, except when I change into jogging gear, after which I shower and then return to my sweatsuit, and sometimes if it’s slow I just hang out and secretly watch Dr Who and I love it. And every so often I put on steel-toed Timberlands and hang out in a field with cranes (lifting not flying) for a day. But today I’ve been sent out to act as a customer liaison which means I had to put on a dress and tights and now I am in the most corporate-y of corporate places and someone just brought in a whole mess of donuts and NO ONE IS EATING THEM!!! I do not understand this world on any level.

    • I thought you were a guy up until the tights part. What kind of doughnuts? Maybe they were worried they were Todd Packered?

      • Nah, I’m just a badass girl with no fashion sense.

        They were Krispy Kremes! Which have somehow taken off in the UK as well. Everyone stood around the box but no one reached in. It was a pretty uptight office.

        • You and me both.

          I am somehow surprised they opened up in the UK. Were they regular KK doughnuts or the special KK kinds? Like, I would understand no one taking them in an office if they were jelly or creme filled.

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