Man, there’s a lot of sad koala stuff to be found on the Internet today! The first thing is this video of a poor koala in a zoo trying to climb a tree that is painted onto the wall, which you don’t even need to watch both because I explained it to you and because it is too sad and the people taking the video are annoying. And the second thing is this picture of a koala sitting in the post-logging remnants of his home in New South Wales. Jesus. WHAT’S WITH HUMANS AND THEIR NEGATIVE IMPACT ON KOALAS TODAY? I’m sorry for dumping all of this on you right before we get to the animal videos, the happiest part of our week, but I can’t deal with it alone! Ugggghh. KOOOOAAALLAAAAAAS! Let’s watch these videos before we fall any further into this headspace. We have a very, very good group today. The top 5? Give me a break. Pretty much all number ones. OK LET’S GO!

10. Classic Cat

9. Cat Licks Dog Awake

8. Mime-Texting Gibbon

7. Bear Catching Salmon

6. Vacuum Cat

5. Bathing A Baby Wombat

4. Typing With An Owl

3. Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Chases Duckling While Riding A Roomba

2. Cool Surfing Dog

1. Owl Chilling By A Fan

Organizing the top choices today was VERY difficult. I’m only a little disappointed that it isn’t the dead of summer right now, so number one and number two would make more sense. BUT WHATEVER, THEY ARE GREAT! “Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Chases Duckling While Riding A Roomba” has been taking the Internet by storm, which I am not totally on board with because I’m not a fan of when things are designed specifically for the Internet, but I do have to give it credit for its wild success, so it sits nicely at number three. “Typing With An Owl” is peaceful and beautiful, and “Bathing A Baby Wombat” is just cute as shit. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS (US)! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

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  1. I just have no idea how we’re going to explain #3 to Koko.

  2. That owl by the fan must’ve been pretty hoot.

    • You know, most of the time when I watch Doctor Who, I have no problems suspending reality. And then there are times, like this gif, where I just think, no, let’s stop this nonsense. They don’t all have to look like the Master.

  3. Cat and dog sharks roombaing a Duckling!!! A fever dream gone right!

  4. My mom sent me the cat in a shark costume riding a roomba chasing a duck and so does that mean my mom is as cool as kelly? maybe. maybe.

  5. It’s hard not to be angry thinking about how deeply my day would be improved if I had an owl on my shoulder to keep me company while I had to sit in front of my computer and work.

  6. My neighbors’ goat just had kids!! I’m going to see if I can play with them or take photos and pics of them later!! Apparently they are jumping on everything and each other.

  7. Are you even allowed to own a wombat?

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