LOOK OUT, MR. COOL SUIT, HERE COMES THE NEW MS. COOL DISGUISE! First and foremost let me just say this: by all accounts Amanda Bynes seems to be suffering the all-too-familiar fate of our young actors and actresses who receive too much fame too quickly and are then left unprepared and undefended for the long and difficult road ahead. Whether she is struggling with drug abuse or mental health issues, both of which are her personal business, we should all be hoping that she gets the help that she so clearly needs, and the constant presence of an inhumanely blood-thirsty celebrity press machine is only compounding her problems by the day. By the day! So that is first and foremost. But now that we’ve said that, you have to admit that it is funny when celebs drape cloth over their heads. It’s obviously not funny to them. For people as vain and self-obsessed as your average celeb, it should be painfully aware just how harmful and inescapable the burning laser beam of attention can become that these same image-over-conscious types would feel that their only escape was to drape a cloth over their heads. But, you know, in the photo: LOL. I also love that she still seems to be waving in one of the photos. (It’s possible that this is just the position that she puts her arm in to hold her golden bags, in which case, hold your bag different boo boo, although that is far down the list of things.) You are, as always, free to caption this photo, although captions must be thoughtful and fun or at the very least GENEROUS towards Amanda Bynes, who will do all of the tearing down of herself by herself thank you very much. But if you don’t want to caption the photo, which is probably the more humane option, feel free to caption a photo of your own choosing. For example, this photo.

Winner will receive Special Placement (unless they are DISQUALIFIED for BEING A JERK) in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Images via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Amanda please

  2. I really hope there is a team of licensed medical professionals underneath that blanket :(

  3. I seriously can’t think of anything to say that isn’t about how weirdly shaped her purse is. Hey, Amanda, get a normal bag!

  4. “I want Drake to murder my pashmina.”

  5. Amanda Blyndes

  6. Meh, it wouldn’t look that bad with some burgundy shoes.

  7. Be Generous to her? Looks like she’s being Genierous to us!

  8. What I Hide About You

  9. Honest question: how do we even know that’s Amanda Bynes? Why couldn’t they throw a scarf over ANYBODY’S head and just say it’s her?

  10. Here’s another picture to caption per Gabe’s request

    Bend and snap and yell at a cop

  11. Honestly, I’m really concerned about Amanda Bynes, moreso than any of the other child stars who grew up all fucked up from the fame. Couldn’t really explain why, but I just really, REALLY want her to get better.

    • me too, I know her family is trying to help her and she’s ignoring them and it’s all just so sad

      • To be fair, she was a child star, so they’re the ones who started her down this path in the first place. Maybe it’s time to bring in a concerned third party.

  12. I am left APPALLED.

  13. Frankly, I’m more interested in the disguise the large man behind her is wearing. Headband? check. Wristbands? check. What appears to be shiny football pads? Oh, that’s a big check.

  14. I wanted Drake to destroy SOMETHING, but I guess he only does faces.

  15. I’m gonna caption this:

    “I love you, mom!”

  16. Mr. and Mrs. Cool Disguise really found each other, didn’t they?

  17. I’m still not sure who Amanda Bynes is. She acted and then decided not to act and then decided to act again? And she made a big deal of it and then got in trouble with the law? Is that the gist? She’s a professional tabloid star? Honestly, all of my knowledge of this comes from Videogum. It’s weird when that happens. Like Goop.

    • Yeah, she did All That, and then some. I would tell you, but you’re a smart guy, I’m sure you’ll Figure It Out.

      • Oh man, she was in All That?! Sorry, I guess I didn’t realize what a “google” (sp?) is.

        • The only reason I know who she is and was on a TV show 10 years ago is because I had this HORRIBLE boss who would call me in for marketing strategy session and then go on and on and on about his crush on Amanda Bynes. Dude was at least 45 and so ridiculously creepy. He was so much like the boss in the UK Office that I only recently was able to sit through an entire episode. Also who needs one on one marketing strategy sessions for a surge protector? Ugh that job. Ugh that guy. Poor Amanda Bynes, I hope she gets the help she needs and not from a creepy 55ish guy who is probably thinking of ways to offer it to her. Ewwww. That double entendre just made me shudder.

  18. What a Girl Wraps

  19. Don’t worry, guys. Shawl be all right.

  20. is her just being a massive troll obvious only to me? I feel like i’m living in crazy town.

  21. I feel like Amanda Palmer needs to write a poem about this.

    • Can I just say that all the Amanda’s in the news lately are really ruining it for people with that name? I’m just putting it out there. For a friend. You wouldn’t know her, she goes to another school….

  22. Also, I cannot unsee that nightmare ventriloquist dummy Vincent Kartheiser.

  23. beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

  24. Amanda Bynes is the new Jackson children

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