The HuffingtonPost has an interview with actor Ian Somerhalder, and I am just curious if anyone has any idea what he’s talking about?

What I’ve started to realize is that social media is not just technology — it’s become its own entity, full of energy waves. These energy waves could be a Tweet about something you are furious about, like the Keystone Pipeline, or a piece of legislation. Instantly, energy surrounds and adds traction, influence, making it come alive. Within hours, this piece of information you’ve just doled out has become a monsoon, a hurricane of tangible energy that is literally circulating the world. It’s helped me sense the undeniable truth of quantum consciousness, the whole butterfly effect. I witness it daily. Being witness to it not only makes me come alive, it enables me to maintain hope.

Twitter? He’s just talking about Twitter? Or is he talking about Facebook? Facebook makes him come alive? Twitter enables him to maintain hope? Because of the butterfly effect as it relates to monsoons of tangible energy? Sorry, I’m just having a hard time understanding what Ian Somerhalder is talking about. Little help, please!

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  1. ugh shut up Ian and let me kiss you. (but I really hate when people say “social media” so maybe I wont kiss him back…. ill kiss him back)

  2. “Being witness to it not only makes me come alive, it enables me to maintain hope.”

    So if a tweet falls in a forest and no one is around to witness it, does that mean Ian Somerhalder isn’t alive or maintaining hope?

  3. This guy has clearly never seen the twitter feed of the establishment that’s interviewing him.

  4. I think he’s saying that tweets are made out of people!

  5. Is he talking about how it’s only 2:45 here and not even CLOSE to the end of my day yet? :(

  6. I think he just explained the ending of LOST.

  7. I think he’s saying Gary Busey just became his sensei.*

    *Sorry, real Senseis, I know you work hard and there’s no reason to drag you into this.

  8. But seriously, when he says “the whole butterfly effect,” I’m inclined to think that he’s talking about the 2004 Ashton Kutcher classic, and the butterfly effect of chaos theory fame.

  9. I think we finally figured out who is behind horse_ebooks

  10. I know twitter has negative connotations regarding our attention span, grammar, spelling, self-obsession and absurdity BUT… I was thinking about the hashtag and I think it’s a pretty cool addition to the language. I mean, it is absurd but is there a similar tool already in place? I can’t think of one. Why don’t we use it more unironically? Why? Why not?

    Hashtag: caffeine-induced questions.

  11. Literally circulating the world.

  12. He watched Tree of Life one too many times.

  13. This is why you don’t interview people at Coachella.

  14. Aw, I follow Vampire Damon on twitter. Yeah, he’s not that bright, but he has all these earnest causes that he seems to really care about/work hard for. He wants to save the animals! Everyone else I follow on twitter just makes weird sex jokes, so.

    • Yeah! He loves earth and all the things that are on it that weren’t manufactured! Also Nina Dobrev. Who was mostly not manufactured, from what I can gauge.

  15. Method acting in preparation for the role of Murray Siskind.

  16. Who is this guy? He looks like a smarmy Zac Efron.

  17. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Gabe. Just look at it.

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