When someone has something like a Glee-themed public marriage proposal, even if we don’t understand why someone would WANT a Glee-themed public marriage proposal, it’s easy to guess why they chose it for themselves and their future wife: They like the TV show Glee. Uh-doy. Or they like Disney World, or Bruno Mars, or they’re just mistakenly dating someone who really likes lip dubs and has a desire to turn the biggest decision he or she will ever make into 5 quick minutes of Internet fame. All fairly easy to get, even if we don’t GET-get them. But this public marriage proposal, during which this nice pregnant lady’s boyfriend floats the ring down on a quadcopter while he looks at it and pretends he has no idea what’s going on, is kind of baffling? Like. What? Does she love quadcopters? She doesn’t seem like she does! Did a friend of yours just buy one and you wanted to play with it? Is this a viral video for quadcopters?! WHAT?

Hahah. How, uh, romantic? “I bet you just thought it was a normal flying whatever that we were just going to be distracted by instead of doing what we came here to do (film you talking about our future child?), but it actually has a ring on it!” “Ohh….!” Hahah. THEY DO SEEM NICE, THOUGH! I mean, she seems nice. He seems like a dork who planned a weird quadcopter thing for the Internet, but she does seem very sweet. Congrats to her and her dork husband. #fullhouse (Via Geekologie.)

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  1. That was so strange. What ever happened to predictability?

  2. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition quadcopter marriage proposal!

  3. Why did it come from so far away? People could escape from Alcatraz in less time than it took that quadcopter to fly over there.

  4. I guess it’s better than the traditional engagement that involves a pregnancy: “Fuck, I’m pregnant. I guess we should get married?”

  5. This may have been said before, but these proposals are starting to feel like the proposer giving the proposee a final challenge to see if they really do love them,”in sickness and in quadrotor-obsession”

  6. I am not sure what this is, but I know what it is not, which is something I would ever do.

  7. why were they hugging and yelling AWWWWWWWWWWWW who does that, do real people do that?

  8. It makes me sad to know there are working quadcopters being used to deliver anything other than sandwiches.

  9. I am against any proposal where I feel pretty sure the guy gets more excited about the video hit count than the marriage itself.

  10. Why would you edit it to such a degree and still manage to make it super boring? USE A STAR WIPE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

    Also, I really really REALLY wanted that stupid quadcopter to capsize and the ring to fall in the lap of a homeless person who could pawn it and use it to help their life. Also, you can check in at the Full House House on Foursquare there. Also, I’m pretty sure the older guy in the fleece in the background is my dad. Also, I couldn’t marry a man who is that boring and has such a distinct frog voice. that voice is terrible. He needs to take up smoking for 2 months or something. Terrible voice. Would not marry. Terrible concept and video. 2/10.

  11. This is going to turn into a horror story when the baby arrives, inflaming the insane jealousy of the quadcopter.

    I’ve probably hit my comment limit, but I do enjoy typing quadcopter.

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