• Just like Alison Brie did before him, Jake Johnson visited Paul F. Tompkins’ Speakeasy and imitated some popular Internet memes. He didn’t do a great job but U still gotta love’m. -Speakeasy
  • Speaking of Paul F. Tompkins, he and Bobby Moynihan were back for a sequel to their “Time Bobby” episode of Comedy Bang Bang, which is one of the best episodes of Comedy Bang Bang. Listen to both of them if you haven’t listened to the first one yet! -CBB
  • Max Silvestri went on the Top Chef cruise and wrote about it for Eater. It’s the best, obviously, plz read it. -Eater
  • Want to look like a lady from the movie Blade Runner? Here’s how, you weirdo! -XOVain
  • Vulture has put together some upsetting charts about the ages of leading men, which change, versus the ages of their love interests, which mostly do not ever change. -Vulture
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live went to Coachella and asked a bunch of dummies about bands that don’t exist and the results are gr8, no duh. -JKL
  • Clay Tarver has been hired to write the sequel to Dodgeball, which is I guess good news. Are you happy about it? Or are you mad?! One thing for sure is that you cannot be too picky about movie sequels these days. -/Film
  • Jon Glaser joins Mike O’Brien for the latest episode of 7 Minutes In Heaven. Great! -AboveAverage
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  1. I feel like the methods they used in those Vulture charts would make a statistician cringe. I’m calling non-scientific shenanigans.

  2. In my brain, Coachella is in the same category as Burning Man, and to be honest (Juggalo meetups). I KNOW they are not all the same thing, but I’m no fun, so they may as well be.

    • the category of my brain that worries about all this has TOTALLY OVERTAKEN the part that knows how to use parentheses. i am (so sorry). i can’t (help) it, this is just the way i (am).

    • Yep, throw Bonnaroo in there and we’re talking about a huge, sweaty group of people that I just wish would get off of my lawn.

      • I have nothing to add to this conversation other than I love you guys.

      • Can we add Pitchfork Music Festival onto that list, too? I’m not even sure that that thing really even exists, and neither is anybody else, because it’s too cool and indie for anybody to even know when or where it’s supposed to take place, OBVIOUSLY.

  3. Comedy Bang Bang is like the Godfather in that the sequels are always somehow even better than the first one. (Gillian Jacobs and Gary Marshall also comes to mind).

    • And any Andy Daly/Jason Mantzoukas episode. And Farts and Procreation (#3 is coming soon)

      • I really need the next chapter in the saga of Jack Sjunior and Bryan Pieces.

        • I listened to Time Bobby 2 while running yesterday and that was a bad idea! Because have you ever tried laughing hysterically while running? It is very difficult and makes it hard to breathe and you also look like an insane person! But I actually don’t regret it because it was great, duh doy.

  4. Paul F. Tompkins doing Andrew Loyd Webber pretending to be Stephen Sondheim made me completely lose it on the bus.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but the Kimmel/Coachella thing seems faked, right? The interviewer’s voice sounds ADR’d and she never brings the mic back to where, when in these types of late-night, man on the street bits, the interviewer almost never has a second mic. When they do, the interviewees are usually holding the second mic. It seems that they were asked about real bands and just dubbed in the fake band stuff.

  6. Tears literally dropping off my face watching Jake Johnson make those faces. And I was eating spicy Indian food and was desperate for a drink of water but couldn’t risk spitting/choking while laughing and I couldn’t not be watching. PFT, you get my ass. You just get it.

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