With the release of each new trailer for the upcoming remake of The Lone Ranger, the questioning murmurs of whether or not it’s cool to have Johnny Depp portray (the already racist depiction of a Native American!) Tonto are growing louder. Depp has stated that he is, in part, American Indian himself, but that has done little to quiet the claims of racism. Luckily, though, Armie Hammer cleared it all up recently at CinemaCon! No worries n-e-more! From the LA Times:

[Armie Hammer] turned up in Las Vegas with Depp last Wednesday to unveil 20 minutes of new footage from the film to movie theater owners at CinemaCon. Before being honored as the Male Star of Tomorrow at the conference a day later, Hammer defended his film’s depiction of Tonto, saying that the cast worked with many Native Americans on the project.

“They were nothing but excited about it. They loved it — they’re thrilled,” the actor said in an interview. “It’s so funny, because every Native American we talked to was like, ‘This is awesome! I’m so excited.’ And every white person we talked to was like, ‘How dare you cast a non-Native American?’ It’s like, the white people are the one who have the problem, but the Indians — the Native Americans — are like, ‘This is great. We love it.’”

Very cool to have a 26-year-old white guy speak for an entire marginalized group of people in order to defend something some of them might see as racist. Everything’s cool, white people — U CAN TRUST, THIS IS COMING FROM ANOTHER WHITE PERSON. Not once did an Indian a Native American involved in the filming of The Lone Ranger come up to Armie Hammer and tell him that they think Johnny Depp’s Tonto look and overall casting and overall role in general were insensitive. NOT ONCE! (Though they did all definitely stop to tell him that it was awesome & they were so excited, hahahaaaaa.) So plz just point your browsers to Fandango & buy with confidence. #thisisgreat #weloveit

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  1. Well the Native American community that’s been vocally complaining about this must be shocked to find out that their white!

    I’m going to be welcoming and bring an offering of the food of my people: the jello salad.

  2. I’m sure he is a lovely guy, but I will never trust anything someone named Armie Hammer tells me.

  3. Oddly, everyone agrees that racist or not, the movie looks terrible!

  4. Did the costumers plan for Johnny Depp to wear that hat from the beginning or do you think he decided to wing it?

  5. There’s a good amount of Native radio shows here in New Mexico, and I did hear one where a Native man in the film industry (don’t remember his name, sorry!) was interviewed about this, and he was actually really pleased by the whole thing. It was surprising, but maybe it’s kind of racist for me to be surprised? Depp was adopted by the Comanche Nation, so maybe who am I to question that? I don’t know, you guys.

  6. Do NOT trust anything this guy says. He and Poppy Lifton are scheming to steal your money by making you invest in their fake “WiFi for Poor People in Africa” company, and that romantic story about falling in love with Serena the night Georgina roofied her is a total fabrication!

  7. Speaking as the brother of someone who falsely claim to be Native American, I was planning on boycotting this movie, but then the trailer showed a magical horse. Hashtag: conflicted.

  8. Well, I’m comforted. Maybe after the movie, I’ll catch a football game

  9. I don’t know why, but this post makes me want to drive a Volkswagon then do the Harlem Shake

  10. Maybe when the people he talked to said “I’m so excited” and “This is great. We love it.” they were just referring to watching clueless white people dig themselves further into a hole.

  11. I’m more offended that Depp borrowed his look from guitar magazine covers circa 2001.

  12. Maybe he was actually talking to other white people who believe themselves to be Native American. Y’know, the ones who wear a lot of string ties and are just in it for the peyote.

  13. Didn’t Gore Verbinski learn anything from casting Brad Pitt as The Mexican?

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