On most days, things would be very different, but somehow today Schwarz is just a straight up American Hero. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND AND HOPEFUL MESSAGE, SCHWARZ, U R BEAUTIFUL 2. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)

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  1. I’m with you, Gabe. I would normally roll my eyes at this. But today, I needed it.

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  2. Wait, I kind of fucking love this.

    • It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen.

      • The “sexy sexy” part is the best part.

        • The swing is pretty awesome too. Even though I’m not sure what to make of the plants and piano and old tube tv. What is he trying to say?

          • I’m really into the shirtless dude on the left who is just kind of standing there during the group shots.

            I’m not, like INTO him, I guess, I’m just really happy he’s there having a good (but, it seems, not great) time.

          • Everyone in this video seems to be having a good, not great time. I do think, however, that he could have at least picked up a more fashionable (or cleaner) pair of underwear before shooting the video. Not the best way to show off you junk, guy.

          • I was going to say, “Schwarz seems like he’s having a great time!”

            But no he’s only at about a 7 when he should really be at a 10, because of all the confidence that he is singing about and stuff.

  3. I feel like, despite how difficult this week has been, we’ve been gifted with really sagely advice.

    “Worry about yourself.”
    “You’re beautiful; anybody telling you anything different right now is full of fucking shit.”

  4. Where would you rather be? Plant Room? Mirror Room? Swing/Laundry Room?

    On most days I’d probably say Plant Room because that’s clearly where the party is, but on a day like today when it’s been just nonstop garbage and there’s a tornado watch outside, I would probably go with Swing/Laundry Room for the solitariness with just a hint of fun.

  5. methinks before you produce the most most important of all music videos, you should clean up your apartment.

  6. Whatever it is these people are into, it sure looks like fun.

  7. When Fred Rogers is dead, you have to settle for the next best thing.

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