Stephen Colbert was on Letterman last night to promote his upcoming trip to a top-secret location to entertain troops. It’s always fun to see Stephen being himself instead of “Stephen Colbert,” but Stephen took the opportunity to further publicize the feud that began earlier this month between Stephen and “rebel billionaire” Richard Branson. Stephen challenges Richard to a game of chicken with naked models on their backs.

The clip from Letterman:

And here’s Stephen’s official challenge to Richard Branson:

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Stephen usually makes good on his challenges, but the naked models thing probably won’t work in Comedy Central. Maybe blow-up dolls are the answer.

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  1. Stephen USUALLY makes good on his challenges, but I don’t think anything ever came from his Kanye “feud.”

    • twatter  |   Posted on May 21st, 2009 +4

      That’s because the tweet that caused the feud was from a twitter account that wasn’t actually Kanye’s.

      So there you go.

  2. this nonsense < grizzly bear

  3. The shitty thing about last night’s show is Stephen had a really short segment, AND they bumped Grizzly Bear because dude from GM ran long talking about the electric car that isn’t even in production until 2011! Once again the failing American auto industry ruins my night.

  4. It’s always fun to see Stephen being himself instead of “Stephen Colbert,” Umm, I’m pretty sure he was still in character for the show. Have we ever seen him out of character? He was a really great guest though. And yeah, the Grizz Bear bump ruined my year.

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