It has been a tough week for news media, specifically CNN, because apparently you can’t create wild, racist accusations and report them as exclusive facts. FIIIIIIINEEEEEEEEEEEEUH. Gosh, fine, whatever! IT’S ALMOST LIKE YOU GUYS DON’T EVEN WANT “NEWS”! Even this morning, as the bleary anchors at CNN tried to report actual things that were happening around them, it seemed like they were having a tough time. “A dog is barking…do I smell smoke? Who is this? We have a girl here…oh hold on. Hold on. The suspect has two Golden Globes — gloves. Here is the address of the suspect’s uncle.” (This being said, I’m sure it is a VERY difficult thing to report on events happening around you for 12+ hours while you are unsure about whether or not your own life could be in danger. It’s all a mess. Lots of different ways to think about it. Let’s get to this Ryan Lochte interview, huh?) It might be difficult, at this time, to have any faith in the Twitter and otherwise-influenced media to accurately report what the hell is even going on out there. And that is where the MyFoxPhilly news team come in, having a COMPLETELY ACCURATE reaction to Ryan Lochte.

Thank you, MyFoxPhilly. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. These people are the best! I think they made fun of the Kardashians in the past, and I love how they don’t pay lip service. I definitely needed to see this video today! Thanks a bunch!

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  2. I know he’s a man in the morning and at night but what about the afternoon, are you a man in the afternoon Ryan Lochte?

  3. “My filly-osophy is, uh… I’m a man in the morning and a man at night. Is that an answer?” -Lochte

  4. I feel her pain. If I start laughing really hard, I cry and snort too. It’s not attractive.

    • You are not alone. I have the same problem! My sister is convinced that I snort on purpose, but I assure you, if I could control it, I would! Thankfully, it has never happened on TV.

  5. I really hate that I forgot to bring my headphones to work today.

  6. Just think how great an Air Bud/ Ryan Lochte buddy-cop movie would be.

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